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ICIP For Users


paul Caddell

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of ICIP For Users

IntelliVue Clinical Information Portfolio (CareVue a closer look !) Clinical Information System
Clinical Decision Support
Patient Summary
Care Bundles
Prescription Order Management
Picture Documentation
Information Access
Data Analysis and Reporting
Legal Archive and Audit Trail
Clinical Information System Consists of three main areas –
Bedside computer/live charting
Legal archive
Research database
Clinical Decision Support – replaces paper chart
Patient Summary
Care Bundles
Diagnoses and Procedures
Prescription Order Management
Auto calculations
Fluid balance
Picture Documentation
Information Access anywhere, simultaneously
Data Analysis and Reporting
Legal Archive with full Audit Trail
Clinical Information System Clinical Decision Support Patient Summary Care Bundles Picture Documentation integrates digital pictures such as wound photographs as well as images from X-Ray, CT, and others into the patient record information access Access patient charts wherever you are, At the bedside, office and remote.
Makes rounds more convenient with a wireless tablet PC. Provides flexible, direct, and fast access to patient information
Orders for infusions, IV drips, and medications, as well as patient care, are automatically reflected throughout a patient’s chart and on nurses’ worklists. And can interface with pharmacy information systems. Prescriptions Management ICIP Critical Care helps turn data into knowledge. Its reporting database allows users to build queries and reports for audit, research and regulatory reports. Leagal Archive and Audit ICIP has a full audit trail of all documentation and changes made once stored – who, when and what!
Automatic PDF copies of all patient notes maintained for legal purposes
ICIP Critical Care helps you implement evidence-based care guidelines, focusing on four key care bundles:
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection
Glucose management
Sepsis resuscitation and management
Provides clarity with filtered overviews of patient condition drawn from the vast amounts of information available in ICIP Critical Care.  The ICIP Critical Care Patient Summary lets you see multiple parts of the chart on a single screen, offering a current picture of patients at a glance. The Big Picture ! Data Analysis and Reporting
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