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Inverted Pyramid

No description

Scott Futher

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Inverted Pyramid

What is the purpose of the dateline?
The Inverted Pyramid
What is the title of the news article called?
What is the name of the subheading of an article?
What is the lead of a news article and what does it do?
The Inverted Pyramid
Information in a News Article
What part of the newspaper identifies the author?
To identify the location of
the author is writing from
The lead is the first paragraph of a news article and it contains the most important information: the 5W's of the event.
What part of the paper identifies the title of the paper, its editors and its location?
The Masthead
The Lead - 5 Ws
Additional Info
Least Important Info
The Lead - The most critical and newsworthy
information: Who, what, where, why and when
- Information that must be conveyed in
order to make communication successful
Body - Helpful, though not critical information. Contains additional facts and details that are revealed in order of importance. Information is useful to an
understanding of the story but not necessary.
Contains supporting information,
interviews, overviews or references
Least important information, unnecessary to the understanding of the
story. Details for
those most
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