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Well-Being, Work-Life Balance NQT

No description

Emma Kell

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Well-Being, Work-Life Balance NQT

Well-Being Work-Life Balance and the NQT year

E.Kell, Francis Combe Academy, 28 Jan 2015
Why does Well-Being Matter?
Teachers have hearts and bodies, as well as heads and hands, though the deep and unruly nature of their hearts is governed by their heads, by the sense of moral responsibility for students and the integrity of their subject matter which are at the core of their professional identity. They cannot teach well if any part of them is disengaged for long. Increasingly, social and political pressures give precedence to head and hand, but if the balance between feeling, thinking and doing is disturbed too much or for too long, teaching becomes distorted, teachers' responses are restricted, they may even cease to be able to teach. […] Without feeling, without the freedom to 'face themselves', to be whole persons in the classroom, they implode, explode—or walk away. (Nias, 1996, p.305)
'You make the weather' - Vic Goddard
How do we model the qualities we want to instil and nurture in our young people?
Always Learning...
It's ok to find it tough...
Pragmatism and Practicality
Reuse, review, recycle
Don't reinvent the wheel
Fasten your Seatbelt
Keep your supplies topped up - health, soul and people
The Moral Compass
Keep sight of yours. Find your voice. Remember why you're here.
Laughter and Kindness
Always a funny side...
Kindness to others, and above all, to yourself.
'Good Enough'
Safe People, Safe Places... and Finding the Funny Side
For the days which 'chew you up and spit you out'
Perfectionism - your biggest asset and your worst enemy!
Avoid toxic whinging
'You're always the winner, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time.' Bill Rogers
Useful links - and acknowledgements!

Chris Chivers - http://chrischiversthinks.weebly.com/blog-thinking-aloud/1000-years-of-experience
Teacher Support Network
The best and most challenging thing about teaching
Assumption - the mother of all...
Communication: find your voice and use it
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