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Animal Cell Analogy to the USA

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Sanjana Yadav

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell Analogy to the USA

Animal Cell Analogy to the USA
Animal Cell Analogy
The States are just like cytoplasm because it supports and hold everything together similar to cytoplasm.
Cytoplasm:The States
The Capitol Building is like the DNA because it houses the Senate and House of Representatives. They are also the ones who make the law.
DNA: The Capitol Building
The International Border Patrol is like the cell membrane because similar to the cell membrane. They let people and goods in and out of the country.
Cell Membrane: International Border Patrol
Ribosomes make nutrients for the cell, similar to how farms make nutrients for people.
Ribosomes: Farms
The vacuole is like the storage center for the cell. It stores water, food, nutrients, and even a small amount of waste. Warehouses do something similar. Most warehouses store food and goods.
The mitochondria is like the powerhouse of the cell. It makes energy for the cell. Electric plants make energy for the United States of America.

Mitochondria: Electric Plant
Lysosomes take out the waste from the cell. Garbage trucks also take the waste out.
Lysosomes: Garbage Trucks
The golgi bodies packs and processes nutrients and proteins outside the cell. Post offices packs packages goods to deliver to other people.
Golgi Bodies: Post Office
The endoplasmic reticulum is a network of passage ways that works closely with the golgi bodies to deliver nutrients to other parts of the cell. Roads take and deliver goods from one place to another.
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Roadways
The nucleus is like Washington D.C. because it has all the important information about the USA. Very important decisions are made there, like laws and inauguration are
Nucleus: Washington D.C.
Post Office
By:Sanjana Yadav 7th prd.
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