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UIS - Challenges

No description

James Lewis

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of UIS - Challenges

Automated maintenance & renewal challenge
Intelligent infrastructure challenge
Strategic planning
Engineering experts
Infrastructure projects
High cost
Human error
Hazardous environment

Manual intervention
Not optimised
Thank you

We are looking for help to:
Automate the end-to-end process
Identify rail defects early
Monitor initiation and growth by detecting surface damage and cracks
Optimise rail grinding, and timing of rail grinding, to control initiation and early growth of cracks

We are improving the way the wheel/track system works correcting underlying faults, using new rail steels, reducing friction, reducing loads.

However we still need to inspect, identify and repair

What can we do about rail defects?

Jane Simpson – Chief Engineer - Network Rail

What benefits will automation bring to maintenance and renewal?
What is rolling contact fatigue?

Train wheel contacts the rail over the area the size of a small coin

Why do we care about RCF?

Example of rail defects
What do squats look like?

Example of rail defects
Automated maintenance & renewal challenge
Artificial intelligence
Adaptive technologies

Automated processes
Unforeseen failures are dangerous and disruptive

We know there is a strong link between wet conditions and likelihood of failures

Latest innovation.... the DIFCAM project aims to speed up tunnel inspection using digital imaging

....but it still requires the line to be closed and is geared to inspecting at fixed intervals

Why do we care about monitoring earthworks?

Example of earthworks failures


Example of tunnel inspection
Help solve our innovation challenges

Thank you
Or is there another way?

Do we need this?

Example of tunnel inspection
How to introduce low cost, user friendly intelligent infrastructure?
Automated maintenance & renewal challenge
Self inspection
Self healing
Self adaption

Self correction
Optimised state
Intelligent assets
Rail defects
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