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How does surface temperature affect the clarity of a fingerprint?

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Nikki M

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of How does surface temperature affect the clarity of a fingerprint?

Research Question How does surface temperature affect the clarity of a fingerprint on a glass? Hypothesis If I change the surface temperature of each glass and put a fingerprint on them then the coldest glass would have the most clarity because the fingerprint can’t evaporate as fast with colder surface temperature. Purpose The purpose of my experiment was the fact that I love forensics or criminal sciences. I have been interested in forensics since I was little and want to learn more about the subject. Materials 6 glass cups
Cellophane tape
A4 paper
Plastic gloves
Log book
Soup Pot
Cocoa Powder Procedure Put on the gloves and clean the 6 glasses with a washrag to make sure any contamination is off the glass
Fill each glass 80% with water. Each glass should be labeled with a different temperature of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 degrees Celsius
Change the temperature of the glass to what the label says by adding ice and heating the water with a soup pot on a stove
Take the gloves off and press your finger onto each glass making a fingerprint Results Put some cocoa powder on the fingerprint and apply cellophane tape over each fingerprint
Take the tape off and put each piece under the correct label on the A4 paper
Rate the clarity of each fingerprint on a 1-6 scale 1 being the least visible and 6 being the most visible
Record the observations in the log book The results were the colder the glass, the greater visibility the fingerprint had. The fingerprints that were taken off the warmer glasses were harder to see and the one for 50 degrees Celsius barely showed up at all. The colder glass fingerprints were very clear and the one for 0 degrees Celsius you could see the ridges and everything! Conclusion My hypothesis was correct, the colder the surface temperature the more visible the fingerprint.
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