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the maji maji rebellion

No description

felix quinones

on 14 August 2010

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Transcript of the maji maji rebellion

The Maji Maji Rebellion. ''The Maji Maji Rebellion War'' The Maji Maji Rebellion War took place in Tanzania Africa in the 1900's Over 20 different ethnic groups united to fight for the freedom from slavery How The War Started? This war started because the Germans tryid to conquer Tanzania and take africans for slavery.

Germans expected that the africans will give in to their work but they didn't and fought back. ''The German's Plan.'' Their main plan was to take over villages and use the villagers as slaves to produce Cotton fields and other cash crops. But the africans fought back and unfortunately they died. What's the Maji Maji Rebellion? In 1905, the belief suddentualt arose that a magic water (Maji Maji) sprinkled on their bodies would turn the Germans' bullets into water. The germans struck back with machine-gun post. The main idea in subject. In 1907, over 75,000 died trying to fight with their enemy but the Maji Maji water was just a belief that cost them their lives.
Some Africans after they got caught and put into slavery This is the land they
covered. v.s
The German Army.
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