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Richard Scarry

No description

Lauren Jessee

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Richard Scarry

Author and Illustrator
Early Life
Born in Boston in 1919
Had a great childhood.
served in World War II.
Editor, director, illustrator, writer- Morale Services
The Beginning of a Legacy...
Richard Scarry
By Lauren and Sarah
300 books
30 languages
150 million copies
Who is Ms. Scarry?
Patricia Murphy
Author of children's textbooks

Married in 1948
Gave them human-like characteristics and personalities

Used animals to teach lessons
Family Life
Moved to Switzerland in 1972

Traveled with his wife

Son- Richard Scarry Jr.
Inspired "Busy, Busy World"
Goes by Huck Scarry- after character Huck cat
Greatest Accomplishments
First best-seller
Animated adaptations of his work on VHS and DVD
Richard Scarry's TV show
Finished drawings for "Biggest World Book Ever" despite deteriorating eyesight
Published in 1963; teaches ethics and vocabulary
The End of a Legend
Or Not...
Richard passed away in Gstaad Switzerland, April 1994

Survived by son who continues to write/illustrate
75 yrs. old
Richard Scarry
Entertained children through his pictures and stories
Helped parents to teach difficult ethical dilemmas
Well Cultured
Lifelong artist
Considered for Caldecott many times, but was thought to be "too popular"
Who is Mrs. Scarry?
Lifetime achievement award from the Society of Illustrators-2012
Works Cited
Scarry's Signature
Edgar Allen Poe Special Award from the Mystery Writers of America (for The Great Steamboat Mystery), 1976
Best Story Book Ever
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