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Deanne Psomas

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Healthy Lifestyle
Physical activity
Tips for eating healthy!
The 4 factors of not having a Healthy Lifestyle.
1. Tobacco use
2. Poor Food Choices and Over Sized Food Portions
3. Lack of Exercise
4. Stress

Brisk walking or jogging
Playing tennis
Playing basketball
Lifting weights
Using a resistance band
Standing on one foot
Heel-to-toe walk
Tai Chi
Shoulder and upper arm stretch
Calf stretch
Healthy Eating !
Always wanted that perfect summer body but thought it was too expensive?
Now you can with the following steps that are fast, easy and affordable !

Eat foods rich in calcium and iron

It is important for all Australians to eat foods which contain iron and calcium. In particular:

Calcium – is important for infants, women and girls for bone health.

Iron – is important for women, girls, vegetarians and athletes to reduce the risk of anaemia

Keep fat to a minimum

Diets should be low in fat, especially saturated fat. Saturated fat is the predominant fat in animal products, fried foods, chocolate and cakes.
Risks of too much fat in diet
Heart disease, becoming obese and multiple cancers can occur if your diet exceeds the amount of fat needed.
Reasons to stay healthy
1. More energy
2. Avoid illness/ disease
3. Keep medical costs down
4. Better medical health
5. Worth it long term
6. Feel better and look better !

I believe that a healthy lifestyle should include not only physical activity but also a good variety of nutritious foods. These include breads, pastas, fruits and vegetables. Eating breakfast is also an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

Keep fat and salt intake low and eat foods rich in calcium and iron. A good balance between exercise and food intake is important to maintain a healthy body weight.
By Deanne Psomas
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