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Senior Project

No description

Adriel Hamilton

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project

Adriel Hamilton
12/26/12 Thank you! •Always loved cooking

•Pastry Chef Deciding on Chef •Food is important to our culture, brings people together.

•Rewarding Why is it important? •Experience based.

•Job shadowed different careers within the field.

•Also, worked with my mentor, Mrs. Bennett. My project I would like to thank my mentor, Mrs. Bennett.

Also to my job shadows, Chef Adrienne and Chef Andrew

And of course, to my judges, thank you for watching. Job Shadow #2 •Chef Andrew. The caterer at LBCC. Also owns a restaurant. He showed me the equipment. Showed how the culinary program students use the kitchen and work through it.

•Met with admissions counselor that day. Job Shadow #1 •Chef Adrienne Ewanchyna. A personal chef

•Personal chef vs. Private chef.

•What she normally does vs. what I got to see.

•Shopping first, then back to her house to cook.

•She made cinnamon rolls and smoothie bags. Job Shadow #3 •Chef Adrienne Ewanchyna.

•Day started the same, shopping.

•Did a lot more hands on cooking.

•Worked on knife skills. Mentor •Mrs. Bennett.

•She's worked as a pastry chef.

• Worked with her a lot.

•Reverse transfers.

•College Overall •All had teaching in common.

•Glad I job shadowed more than one person.

•Experience after culinary school. Reflection and Future •Still want to be chef.

•Accepted into the Northwest Culinary Institute.

•More I learn, gain direction.

•Also interested in French. Dream to cook in France. Careers •Endless possibilities in the field.

•Mrs. Bennett: Long hours, hard work.

•Chef Adrienne: Personal chef, better for her life.

•Chef Andrew: More normal job, but then owns a restaurant.

•Find where you fit in, best for your lifestyle. CRLS Sources "Chefs and Dinner Cooks." Oregon Career Information Systems. University Of Oregon, n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2012. Opened my eyes to how many options I have. •Personal Management: Time management. School, project, job, free time.

•Communication: Checking emails, responding to calls. Chef Adrienne example.

•Teamwork: Working with Chef Adrienne in the kitchen. Mom helping set up job shadow.

•Problem Solving: Didn't hear back from people. Couldn't give up. Really good basic summary of the career. What I learned About Myself •That being passionate about my career is more important than money.

•My self motivation will help me a lot in this field.

•This project has only made my excitement grow. My Growth and How I Stretched Myself •Communication. A lot more comfortable reaching out to people, meeting new people.

•I was able to do a lot of hands on learning. •17 years old
•In Lebanon for 7 years
•Interested in Theatre Arts.
This is a proofer! My reverse transfer of puppy Clifford! Differences in Careers Afterward..... "Person Chef/Job Shadow #1." Personal interview. 17 Dec. 2012 Really informative, how to find a career that works for your lifestyle. "How To Prepare For A Career In Culinary Arts - The Best Colleges." The Best Colleges. The Best Colleges, 4 May 2010. Web. 20 Nov. 2012. This was important to me because I've been looking at colleges. Choosing a college is really important.
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