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Where Is Your Genius?

No description

James Abell

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Where Is Your Genius?

by James Abell www.jamesabellart.com
inspired by a TED talk by
Elizabeth Gilbert "Your Elusive Creative Genius" "Numerous studies have demonstrated correlations between creative occupations and mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia." -Wikipedia for example
The Greeks and Romans viewed that the state of Genius was caused by an external 'spirit'.
In older civilizations and tribal communities, the shaman tried to achieve a state where a spirit of something enters the human from outside to achieve transcendence.... There is some evidence that past societies had a different view. That the creative genius comes from outside the creator.... bipolar Where Is Your Genius? There is probably no simple remedy for the unstable state of the creative mind or for that matter all people's states of being. Is there any reason for this?
Can we look to calm this violent spirit? Since the renaissance, the creative has been seen to have genius within, THE ARTIST AS THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE. Inevitably, this leads to huge internal and external pressures on the creative individual. Creative occupations, such as writing, art or music are often looked upon by others as an irresponsible career choice, or worse, as a path to DESTRUCTION! Unfortunately, in the Twentieth Century alone, many creative people have self destructed. I am sure you can think of many examples! Mental and emotional states are part of being human. However, some people, including many in the creative professions are prone to extreme bipolar states.... Perhaps if we see our pursuit for 'genius' like passing clouds, passing through us. To be caught, or left to drift by for another person.... However, if we work to connect our inner selves with the external world, nature, clouds, seas, cities, other people, etc. Perhaps this will help us achieve a more balanced state of existence whether we decide to pursue our elusive genii or not.... EUPHORIA MISERY DESPAIR MANIA
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