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Aly Abd ElRahman

on 25 October 2015

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- A computer generated immersive or wide field
multi-sensory information which track user in
real time making the feeling of an imaginary
(virtual) world, rather than the real one.

- The sense data is fed by some system to our
brain. which allows a user to interact with a
computer-simulated environment, be it a real
or imagined one. with a high-end user
interface that involves real-time simulation
and interactions through multiple sensorial
In 1929
: Edward Link created the “Link trainer”,probably
the first example of a commercial flight
simulator .

In 1930

: A story by science fiction
Stanley G.Weinbaum
contains the idea of a pair of
goggles that let the wearer
experience a fictional world
through holographics .
In 1950
: In 1950 cinematographer
morton Heilig came up with

In 1961
: Philco Corporation engineers developed the first
HMD known as the Headsight .
In 1965
envisioned what he called the
“Ultimate Display.
In 1988
: Commercial development of VR began.
In 1991
: First commercial
entertainment VR system
"Virtuality" was released.
1991 - Nowadays
: Huge development has happened which made
big companies compete such as " HTC,
Microsoft as well as Sony Computer
Entertainment " .
Virtual reality Manufacturing :
-Virtual Manufacturing is defined to be an
integrated, synthetic manufacturing environment
exercised to enhance all levels of decision and
control According to Virtual Manufacturing.

- It's is a system in which the manufacturing
objects , processes, activities, and principles
evolve in and computer-based environment to
enhance one or more attributes of the
manufacturing .

Developments in Virtual Reality :
- Virtual reality development has really slowed
in recent years.

- "The Oculus Rift" keept in Development track
and it's last development kit for the "Oculus
Rift" with a low-persistence OLED display and
low-latency positional head tracking .

- NASA, the Department of Defense and the
National Science Foundation funded
much of the research and development for
virtual reality projects with about $80,000 .
Input & Output Devices :
- In a similar thread of thought, modern input devices have been
massively influenced by virtual reality and may become the
corner stone of further virtual reality developments.

Applications of Virtual Reality :
- In 1992 VR entered the Computer Gaming World.
After that, so many companies such as "Microsoft
and Sony" take it seriously and Started to develop
it till this days.

Imagine stepping into your favorite game, Walk, run,
sit, or jump in 360 degrees to steer your avatar
without restraints. Living the adventure feel like
you’re really there .

Virtual reality is used in the medical fields where it has several advantages over conventional systems.
Virtual reality in emergency :
Virtual reality in surgery :
Virtual reality in Robotic surgery :
It used as a training program for the trainee who want to learn decision making skills in emergency situation .
starting from Surgery training This technology enables trainee surgeons to gain valuable experience but in a safe environment .
Robotic surgery is fewer risks during surgery and a faster and it enables the surgeon to control the movements of the robotic arm, in particular and small movements .
Manufacturing :
Virtual Reality Mechanism Design Studio :
The VR allows users to build or plan mechanisms through some operations and simulate their dynamic motion After finishing the design The user can run the system in an VR environment .
Virtual reality in construction :
Virtual reality engineering is employed to do the under construction design process. It is used for planning, prototyping and construction purposes, and helps with the projects.
Virtual reality and car design :
Car manufacturers use virtual reality for prototyping purposes during the design process. This enables them to produce several versions which are then tested and changed as per the results .
Education :

- Nasa with VR :
astronomy students in NASA using VR that provides real time graphics and motion simulators integrated with robotic device that makes an environment which makes them easier to understand .
- Children education :
VR solutions have been shown to increase students attention levels by 92% and increase test scores by 35% – while at the same time creating a new level of engagement for students and staff .
Military :
Virtual reality has been adopted by the military, The Army considers virtual reality a complimentary tool alongside traditional forms of training such as field exercises, weapons drill, physical training, etc
These include :

Flight simulation .
Battlefield simulation .
Medic training ( battlefield ) .
Vehicle simulation .
Virtual boot camp .
Design and architecture:

Virtual reality will become an essential tool for architects photos and drawing are no longer enough for showing the reality world so VR come to make a great progress in this field

It could be the best way to show a building to the client, because the client is going to be able to walk inside the project even if it is not existing yet …

It's a mix of graphics, lighting, music, programming to get afull combination of a realistic world .

Tourism :

Imagine traveling all over the world and seeing famous sites in an entirely new way from the comfort of your home.

Virtual tourism benefits those who don't have the resources, money or physical capabilities of indulging in real travel.

Movies making :
Disney one of the biggest companies that make it invests $65 million to help make virtual-reality movies .

Virtual reality is a very common theme in science fiction movies, where it is often used a way to turn the fantastical into something that seems totally real.

Watching a movie in VR allows you to watch a movie theater size screen in your living room. If the movie is 360 degree you can literally step into the movie and be part of it not just watch it.

Advantages of VR :
1 - interaction with environment .
2 - It is the technology of the future and is constantly
3 - Making Learning Fun and Interesting .
4 - Complex Situations Made Easy .
5 - Real-Life Situations .
Disadvantages of VR :
1 - lack of standardization of hardware and protocols .
2 - The new technology can not be used by everyone.
3 - Expensive .
Cost of VR :
- Oculus’s gear at around $1,200
- The headset will cost about $300
- Virtual motion detection about $699.00
- Virtual Shoes about $59.00
- Virtual reality google cardboard$ 23.95
The Future of Virtual Reality:

1- Foglets .
2- Seat belt .
3- Electronic Transcendence
4- Hollow lens .
5- Recording and sharing experience .
6- Cardboard .
the Sensorama. Basically, it was a collection of technologies built into the theatre that would stimulate all the senses .
Some of these include:
Virtual reality glasses or goggles .
Data gloves
Data suits .
Imagine people who have difficulty getting time off from work and other responsibilities having the opportunity of spending their few hours of free time wandering through the British Museum or Louvre.
Any Questions ?!
Thank You :)
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