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S.S Project

Maya, Aztec, Incas

Joe Hefel

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of S.S Project

S.S. Project By Joe Hefel The Maya The Mayan used glyphs
for letters The Mayan warfair
increased for power There almost like hiroglyphics COOL Chac the rain god
was one of the the main god for the Mayans Cenotes where made for Chac's worship center Quetzalcout was the
Strongest of Mayan gods Aztec The aztec conqured
most of central
Mexico The Aztec onered
the lady of
Gulodalupu Motecuhzoma, the leader
of the Aztecs, met with
Cortez in 1519 The Aztecs were told
to build a civilazation were they saw a eagle eating a snake on a cactus The town Astrologer
would name the new born baby Inca The Incas built a civilazation
in less then a hundred years They belive that "gold
is the sweat from the sun"
and " siler is the tears
from the moon
To the Incas stones
were sacred The Inca priest
were also docters Inti Rami was the biggest
feastavial of the year The Incas didn't have
stiches so the bit the
heads off of giant ants
and used the jaws to clamp the wounds shut The End
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