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Deep Learning Day

Lord of the Rings

Daniel Polak

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of Deep Learning Day

The Lord of the Rings Orc Old English for foreigner, monster or demon LO: To understand what orcs are and use creative writing to develop empathy for them. Uruk-hai A stronger, more powerful Orc, bred to be a leader A book writtern by JRR Tolkien based on old myths He created languages to put in the book ...and mapped out worlds... Orcs are of human shape, of varying size sometimes smaller than Men, sometimes taller. They are brutal, ugly, filthy, with a taste for human flesh. They are fanged, bow-legged and long-armed, and some have dark skin as if burned.
They fight with ferocity and they eat all manner of flesh, including human. Draw an Orc Learn Orc "Throm-Ka" = "Well met" (A greeting.) "Kagh!" = "Run!" "Dabu" = "I obey" "Zug zug" = "okay". Some names Male Names: Grom, Thrum, Drog, Gorrum, Harg, Thurg, Karg.
Female Names: Groma, Hargu, Igrim, Agra, Dragga, Grima. Imagine you are your orc, going to battle against the humans. They have fewer people than you and you're feeling confident. Describe your feelings, if you're looking forward to the fight and what you plan to do. (10 minutes) Videos Peer assess:
What went well: What was good about the writing?
Even better if: What could be improved next time. Characterise your orc, how would you describe his or her personality? Seeing through someone else's eyes, understanding their feelings
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