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Time To Imagine

Take a trip into time and space


on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Time To Imagine

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli TIME TO IMAGINE The Big Bang The Big Bang occurred about 13.77 billion years ago Time on Earth 120,705,203,700,000 trillion hours 7,242,317,730,000,000 quadrillion minutes 43453887102*10^17 seconds $46,513,000,000,000 That's 5,029,385,081,250 trillion days The average human lives 80 years 701,265 thousand hours 42,027,920 million minutes That's 29,219 thousand days It will take a fast meteor about 90 minutes to travel the distance from the moon to the Earth That's a distance of 384,403 kilometers or 238,857 miles Meteors travel from 25,000m.p.h and can reach up to 160,000 m.p.h. That's a lot of gas money If you where able to fly to the Moon at a constant speed of 1000kph it would take about sixteen days to get there. It took Apollo less than four days to get there On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. The diameter of the Moon is 3,474 km The diameter of the Earth is 12,742 km This means that the moon is about 27% the size of the earth and counting But wait a second Who was counting before the Big Bang? Was it God? Stephen Hawking said "time didn't exist before the Big Bang, so there is no time for God to make the universe in" In the end, It doesn't matter who created time
It's what you do with it that truly matters Matter of fact, what time are we living in? Space could be infinite Space could be ticking as time ticks on earth and for every human But is earth growing? The Growing Earth theory states that the earth is growing. The sun on the other hand is growing We'll have to wait and see through time St. Augustine of Hippo ( 354 AD to 430 AD) replied to that question and said "God did not create the world in time, but with time" Someone may ask "why didn't God create the World 10 minutes earlier?" We may never know the answers of God or time, but one thing these two men share in common is the will to learn We stepped on the moon On the other hand For any dangerous We Keep an eye out In order To survive By Paul Zevgolis Encounters The Suns is 93 million miles or 149 million kilometers away from the Earth Over longer periods of time about billions of years, it is expected that the Sun will generate more energy and thus expand. This is because the Sun gets its energy by smashing Hydrogen particles together to form Helium. As this happens, obviously Helium builds up in the Sun's core. However, as there is more Helium around, less of the particles that one Hydrogen particle could bump into are other Hydrogen particles and more are Helium particles. Hydrogen smashing into Helium doesn't really do anything to generate energy, and so its kind of a "wasted" collision. In order to compensate for more "wasted" collisions, the Sun has to find a way to cause more collisions. It does this by raising the temperature and density in the core. As a result, this means more total energy is produced, the Sun gets hotter, and it expands as well. Why are we here?
What is life all about?
What is the purpose of existence? Throughout history, these questions have been the subject of much philosophical, scientific, and theological speculation. There have been a large number of proposed answers to these questions from many different cultural and ideological backgrounds. The meaning of life is in the philosophical and religious conceptions of existence The Sun has a temperature of about 10,000ºF degrees Fahrenheit or 5537.8ºC degrees Celsius To be continued..... Did you know? The Sun is as big as more than 1 million Earth masses put together EARTH The light from the Sun, travels 8.3 minutes to reach Earth The Sun is about 4.55 billion years old It takes time to travel to the moon You can help Email me at: Makeamillion@hotmail.com
"Because a million minds are better than one" Thank You & Prezi Spins Second Every Hoax? leave a comment!
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