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Indigenous Musical instruments of Mindanao

No description

Kelly Traveros

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Indigenous Musical instruments of Mindanao

Indigenous Musical instruments of Mindanao
Musical Instruments from Maguindanao which composed of a row of small Horizotally- Laid brass gongs that function melodically,accompanied by larger,suspended gomngs and drum.
is a set of four large hanging gomngs which is played as part of the Kulintang ensemble of Maguindanao.
called the ring flute, is the smallest bamboo flute of mMaguindanao. The sound is produced when the air passes through the hole found at the bottom of the instrument while the pitch is controlled through the five fingers holes at the top and one finger hole located at the bottom.
is the lip -valley flute and one of the most common aerophone of the Maguindanaons.
(idiophone) a Maguindanao bamboo scraper gongs/slit drum with a jagged edge on one side.
is a very elaborate designed instrument that has twoo strings with movable frets. Only one string is strtched over the fret as the player uses a plectrum to pluck the strings.
Kutyapi of Maranao
is a Maguindanao xylophone, literally translated to mean "wooden kulintang" or " Kulintang made of wood.
Kulintang a Kayo
a drum that look like a goblet used by Maranao in their Kilintang ensembles.
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