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Customers, Consumers, Coproducers and Owners

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Rebecca Malby

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Customers, Consumers, Coproducers and Owners

Consumers/ Clients
Account to....
Investment and disinvestment decisions
Reciprocal Responsibilities and duties
More than shareholders
Owners are those who pay, their representatives, users and providers
Engaging Service Users, Carers and Communities
What relationship are we in?
Customers, Coproducers, Owners
2001 – the consumer led NHS
Individualised, no knock-on effects, my purchase doesn’t affect yours
Choice over what?
Buyer not owner
Offering a service
Where we know what to do and we all agree
Customer is King…?
Customer satisfaction
When we are in it together
When both assets of professionals and users are more than the sum of their parts
When its not known exactly what to do
Where there is interdependency and knock on effects (what I do affects others)
Personalised services
Includes co-delivery -volunteering, peer-mentoring
.....and for Change & Improvement
through system -wide feedback from service users and carers e.g. Patient Opinion
by working with patient stories
by case review with users and carers
Centre for Innovation in Health Management
Becky Malby
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