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My History

No description

waleed banjaki

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of My History

Today I will be talking about the history of my family, and I will be answering many questions regarding the history of my family.
Where were you born?
I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario
Where is your family originally from?
My mother and father were not born in Canada. They were both born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. My family is originally from Lebanon.
Was any of your family involved in any wars?
No, none of my family were physically involved in any wars, but my family were there during the war.
How did you/they come to live in Canada? when? why did your family chose Canada?
To begin with, my dad fled Lebanon because of the civil war that was going on. He came to Canada as a student and studied at a community college in Edmonton. He came to Canada in 1986 and has been here ever since. My father chose Canada because it was war free, peace, and because of the good education.
Describe your/their immigration experience
Well, my dad had a rough start when he first came to Canada, because he was very poor when he came. He didn't have any family here to support him and had a rough time getting on his feet. He attended a community college in Edmonton in 1986 and had a small budget.
Are your parents baby boomers? Compare their life as a teen to yours
My mother isn't a baby boomer, but my father is. He was born in 1964. My parents life is very different from my life. In Lebanon, they didn't have iPhones, computers, and the technology we have today. My dad came from a poor family of 8 people, and there were very minimal jobs so it was hard for my grandpa to buy them things they wanted. Fortunately, I haven't experienced a life without technology or had to go through the same struggle as them.
What have you learned about your family that is the most interesting? What new information did you discover?
Well, there wasn't anything that interested me that much about my family, but the fact that my dad was driving when he was 12 was kind of funny. There wasn't really anything interesting about my mothers side as it was kind of similar to my dads.
What major world events have "changed" history?
The first thing that comes to mind when I read this topic was 9/11 and the earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake in Haiti demolished the country causing as much as $14 billion in damage. The 9/11 incident caused airports to double check the passengers that are traveling just in case of suspicious items. For example, when I traveled in the summer with my dad, we had to put our luggage through three different scanners, and my dads friend had to get a random body search.
where is Lebanon?
family Pictures
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