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The Sea Devil

No description

Zennia Cereal

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of The Sea Devil

Rising Action
This begins when the man believing he had seen 2 mullets in the water. After successfully throwing the net over the creature he realizes that he had not caught a fish but instead a 9 foot,
manta birostris,
sting ray. He was then dragged into the water by his wrist that was still attached to the net.
The struggles of both the man and the ray to survive are the main events before the climax.
The story starts of with a man walking out of his house towards the lagoon late at night. he could see that the tide was soon going to roll out when he then sees a mullet jump out of the water.
After grabbing the net from the garage, the man finally goes out to fish.
The conflict in this story is Man vs. Nature. The conflict is between the man in the story and the ray also known as the sea devil
The conflict of the story begins just after the man is pulled into the water. The man and ray are two opposing forces trying to survive. The ray keeps on pulling the man under trying to release itself from the netting while the man pulls against trying to survive.
The Sea Devil was held in in the 20th century, on a late September during a breathless night, when summer's dead hand still lay heavy on the land. It was at a lagoon that borders the coast where Florida thrusts its green thumb deep into the tropics.
Story passage

“The man could feel nothing now in his trapped hand, it was numb; but the ray could feel the powerful lunges of the unknown thing that was trying to restrain it. It drove its great wings against the unyielding water and forged ahead, dragging the man and pushing sullen wave in front of it.” Pg. 40
The climax of the story occurs while the man is still being dragged by the ray. When the man had accepted imminent death he was no longer being controlled by his fear and was able to think clearly to plan the final chance he had been given. Ahead was one last stake, he passed on one side while the ray passed on the other. The man then dug his heals into the sand hoping the sharp barnacles on the stake combined with friction would cut the rope.
This was the point with the most tension and suspense in the story.
Falling Action
This was when the conflict was resolved.
When the ray began to swim faster the man slowly then faster began sliding towards the stake. He wasn’t sure whether the rope would crush the barnacles or whether they would cut the rope. The man slid all the back to the stake and his foot hit the base of the stake hard. With the last bit of his strength he pulled back and the rope parted. The man was finally fee.

The Sea devil did one last jump and it was gone. The man was free and rose to the surface slowly. The mullet he had caught earlier was still in the boat and he set it free now knowing what it was like to be caught.

Literary Devices
On page 36, Gordon wrote, "The night was black as a witch's cat..." which is an example of a simile.
On page 33, Gordon wrote, "He liked the harsh tug of the retrieving rope around his wrist..." which an example of personification.
On page 38 Gordon wrote, "Up into the air it went, pearl-colored underbelly gleaming as it twisted in a frantic effort to dislodge the clinging thing that had fallen upon it." which is an example of imagery.
Google Images
Inside Stories 1, Second Edition

Arthur Gordon
Point of View
The point of view used in 'The Sea Devil' is third-person limited omniscient. The reader only knows the thoughts of a single character. This character is referred to as
'they', 'she', 'he'. The author could have chosen this type of perspective to give the story a more mysterious feel to it.

Man vs. nature
By Kiara M., Zennia S., and Jessica P.
Our protagonist is a man. The antagonist would be the sting ray or 'sea devil'.

4 character traits that can be used to describe our main character would be:

The protagonist is a flat character as we do not know much about him. He is also dynamic. At the end of the story he had come to have much more respect for nature.
The theme in The Sea Devil would be that humans aren't always the greatest power on Earth. Nature can sometimes be the dominating force.
Loose ends are tied.
Title relates describes the antagonist, more so, than it does the theme.
Title catches reader's attention.
Scenery is very well explained.
Starts off quite relaxed.

Reader forms a stronger relationship with the character
Adds suspense
Creates more drama

No connections made with other characters
Not much internal feelings shown
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