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Business 2 Business marketing


Andrei X

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Business 2 Business marketing

B2b marketing. Attract attention. Inform and get new business from old customers Business to Business Advertisement First key factor is to point out all benefits of using Steel24.
Make it unique to the customer. If there would exist Ebay for Steel we would call it Steel24.net

We are First of its kind, trade platform, where lots of people trade their supplies.
We have all year long Constant supply.
We provide most accurate logistic services and organize local delivery.
Grate product variety.
Order in 24/7 through our website .
Ability to sell unused supplies and get additional revenue.
Since we have our own warehouse we are able to provide even small amounts for a Grate Price! Make it social and unique. First idea is to make buyers experience so exciting and comfortable.
So that in future client couldn't refuse from our services. For instance: If now main idea that steel is just one click away.

Why not to develop it further and create Telephone Application, where clients
could get prices or even raw material itself with a tap of a finger.
P.S (Key information should be done in Xml or Json format.)
Price for getting published on Android Market Place (25$) So how to attract attention of small specific market, when obvious sources like..... Industrial Magazine paper ads, Banners, Billboards, TV, Radio. Do not bring desired results, or do not work at all ?!?!?! In our case when we do know our potential client.
Emails, Phone calls are grate but not enough. We need to surprise and be remembered. <indicators count="14" update="current_date">
<name> hot-rolled</name>

xml Remind Your Customers, about things he is interested in. Idea is to give customer a chance to get news on mobile phone with updates about all useful information like price changes, or amount of supply, current status etc. Let customer have an option to sign up for updates. In friendly environment, where client could get news about particular field of his interest, that he has chosen on our website. In fact it may also stimulate usage of phone application. Steel Pipes Cold Rolled Steel Hot Rolled Steel Steel Angels Aluzinc Since we are special.... The effect of a direct mailing letter can be maximized with clever planning, and I'll tell you how in a minute. Direct mailing is one of our chances... Direct mail should be unique and official Our letter must be catchy or otherwise it will go straight to the trash can. The Idea is to create direct mail, in standard offer like official form. But with interactive content. And with Long lasting effect. Idea is to add to the letter credit card
shaped usb flash card.
With companies Logo on it and Video
presentation inside. Because of the content,
more likely will get in hands of a decision maker. It can be personalized, and may continue to be used on daily basics Video Content may briefly describe our offer.

And bring customer just a click away from us. Blogging articles, offering interviews and sharing interesting solutions. In exchange of free promotion. B2b catalogs.... www.europrompt.com/ http://www.b2bvector.com
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