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R&J vs. WSS

Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story Thought map

Katelynn DeRoos

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of R&J vs. WSS

Romeo & Juliet West Side Story Characters Setting Things that are done differently What didn't happen in the story? Characters Setting Events in
the movie What didn't happen in the movie? Montegues Romeo
Friar Lawrence
Balthasar Capulets Juliet
Lord & Lady Capulet
Paris Verona, Italy Formal people The two groups aren't trying to hurt, harm, or fight the opposing group Italy- fight with swords meet on balcony War Council Romeo and Juliet both die Planned fight Tybalt is
the cousin Similarities between the story and the movie Sharks Bernardo
All gang members Jets Riff
Doc as messenger
All gang members New York, New York Gangs A lot of dancing
is involved They had a war council and a set time to fight Anita & Bernardo date Nurse told the jets
that Maria was dead Nurse and Tybalt
didn't date Didn't meet at balcony- fires escape instead They weren't he same race Romeo & Tony were infatuated with Juliet & Maria There was a fight and people died There was respect for Tony, Romeo, and Juliet when they died (from their people)
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