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Out of My Mind

Humanities Quarter 2 Independent Book Project

Leah Roebuck

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind By: Sharon M. Draper Prezi By: Leah Roebuck Setting and Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Resolution Climax The Setting of this story was Spaulding Street Elementary School. Date is unknown.

The exposition of the story was when you meet Melody and her family and find out that she can't walk or talk, or do anything on her own. One of The Rising Actions of this story was when Melody made the quiz team. The kids has teased her and made fun of her,even teachers, she wanted to prove to them that she could do anything that they could do, and she did.

Also when Melody's quiz team made it to nationals and she would be on the team! Now that she was on the team, Melody wanted no more than to win. Nationals were just one step closer.

Also when Melody finds out that the flight to Washington D.C had been canceled and her team had left without her, and lost. The climax of the story was when Penny gets out of the house and gets hit by the car. Melody's mom wasn't paying attention and was in a bad mood she didn't realize that Melody was trying to warn her that Penny had gotten out of the house. She continued to back the car out of the driveway and hit Penny. One of the falling actions of the story is when Mrs. V gets a call from the hospital and finds out that Penny survived surgery and will be okay.

Another falling action is when Melody comes back to school and sees her classmates that went to Washington D.C without her.

The last falling action of the story is when Melody is given the ninth-place trophy from nationals. The Resolution of the Story was when Penny comes home and Melody returns to school. Penny doesn't have any brain damage which is what Melody was worried about.She did have a severely broken leg though, but it would heal eventually and she would be okay. Theme

Overcoming obstacles

Throughout the story Melody has to overcome many obstacles. First of all, not being able to talk. Also overcoming the fact that everyone thinks she is stupid and incapable of doing anything. Essential Question
Is conflict an inevitable part of human nature?

Yes, conflict is an inevitable part of human nature.
Melody had to live without being able to talk or walk do anything very easily. She didn't do anything to bring this upon herself. She was born with it and couldn't have avoided it. Thanks for Watching!!
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