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The Bluefin-tuna

No description

Eric Tran

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The Bluefin-tuna

What's a Blue-fin tuna you might ask?
The blue fin tuna is the LARGEST tuna currently living that can live up to 40 years! It can dive up to 4,000 feet and can weigh over 1000 pounds! But unfortunately they are endangered .
The Blue-fin tuna matters to our society because they do feed us to make our body's full and healthy, but there more than just seafood to enjoy. Did you know that the bluefin-tuna is one of the top predators in the marine food chain? Which means they aid in an appropriate balance for the environment of the ocean.
The Bluefin- Tuna
By: Doneil and Eric

There are some people who help animals like the bluefin-tuna who are the WWF
WWF started helping the cause that is the bluefin-tuna by monitoring the Mediterranean Sea and tagging these giant beasts. Throughout this process they gathered more information to find out their migration paths. They also fine fishing boats that are over fishing.
Why the bluefin- tuna matters?
Catching fish
Lots of fish!

Some Facts about the Bluefin-tuna
1: A Prime Bluefin-tuna was sold in a Japanese fish market for about $736,000! That's a world record!!

2: Bluefin tunas have adapted their body so it's built for speed and endurance. They can even withdraw their dorsal and fin into slots that will slow them down.

3: The Atlantic Bluefin-tuna gets the title of one of the largest, fastest, and most beautifully colored of all the worlds fishes.
Why the Bluefin-tuna is endangered
So during the video it was talking a little bit of why the Bluefin-tuna is endangered but there's more to it.
So if you don't know like politicics the fishing indistry has been corrupted with lack of control and enforcement.
Another thing is that
the Bluefin-tuna is one
of the most meat
providing fish in the
sea and I bet you that
right now, you would
eat a fish that will fill
for the night or afternoon.
Now we will be bringing a short video about a little bit of what the bluefin-tuna is going through.
Here is the locations of the Bluefin-tuna.
Thats the End of our Bluefin-tuna presentation.
Have a good day!
How many Bluefin-tuna are left in this world?
From the 1950s until to now, the Bluefin-tuna was decreased by 95-97% (As stated in the video) and this extinction to these poor fish is very sad. There are approximately 4500-5000 fish left in this world. You might say "That's a lot!" but over fishing is a real problem to this situation. There could possibly be 1000 more left in this world by 2015-2016!
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