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Extension English 1

No description

Kimberley Carew

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Extension English 1

The Texts
The Wounded Deer
- surrealist painting by Frida Kahlo, 1946 (Mexico). Compared to the works of Sylvia Plath in

The Atomic Cafe
- documentary film directed by Jayne Loader in 1982 (United States). Compared to Beckett's
Waiting For Godot.

Extension English 1:
Module B: Texts and Ways of Thinking
After the Bomb

Related Texts &
Imaginative Writing

Kimberley Carew
Imaginative Piece
Fear of Flying
The Wounded Deer
Who was
Frida Kahlo?
Born in Mexico in 1907
Mexican and European Heritage
Involved in a bus accident which caused permanent physical damage.
An active communist
Had marital affairs and issues, involving the exploration of her sexuality
Was depressed and attempted suicide due to her physical problems.
"I never painted dreams.
I painted my own reality."

- Frida Kahlo
Techniques and Ideas
Political and Philosophical Paradigms
Naive Art Style and Surrealism-
the conventional rules of painting.
The deer is a 'timid' creature- symbolising
, and the arrows represent a target. This suggests the
Human thinker
is a
for society.
Colour and Tone used to create a
of dullness, reflective of the society. Juxtaposed with the blue sky, symbolising hope.
The forest is an extended metaphor for
Imaginative Writing-
Fear of Flying
Victoria, an aspiring writer, is flying on a Boeing 707 for the first time to London from New York to bury her father. She is nervous about flying, and the unknowns which await her on the aircraft.

Comparison to Plath
Social Paradigms
Subtle expression
Political Paradigms
Dominant Expression
I stumble from my bed, cow-heavy
and floral

- Sylvia Plath "The Morning Song"
Note the feminine description. Kahlo prefers to portray ideas in a masculine way.
The Atomic Cafe
Directed by Jayne Loader in 1982
A satirical documentary film
Made entirely of footage from the 'After the Bomb' era
Created at a time of nostalgia in the USA
"There was so much fear in the 80s, we all thought we were doing to die in a nuclear war."

- Jayne Loader
Techniques and Ideas

Religious and Political Paradigms
Black Humour derived from the modern audience's reaction to the footage.
Unintentional satire expresses political issues and compared thinkers and followers.
No narration- the clips stand alone.
Symbolism used to interpret the ways of thinking and the fears of the time period.
Symbolises the fear of liberty and freedom being taken away, when ironically, it already has been in the controlled society.
Comparison to 'Waiting for Godot'
God is a continuous theme in decision making within The Atomic Cafe. "God has blessed us with this bomb."
The concept of waiting in both texts: relying on a higher figure to guide society through life, ironically, for The Atomic Cafe, it is other humans who do this.
Inspirations for Creative
Sylvia Plath
Her Life
Her descriptive writing
Being a passive female but challenging in her writings and thoughts.
Her struggles to conform to societal values.
The Arrival of the Bee Box
Scientific Development- Aircraft
An area of interest for me
A catalyst for fear; the development of 'super human' abilities
In depth knowledge about aircraft
The Time Period
Research into the time period and events such as the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.
Research into Sylvia Plath's life
eg. Victoria Lucas was Sylvia Plath's pen name
Research into the development of the Boeing 707 aircraft and its capabilities.
The Paradigms
Focusing on the Scientific and Social Paradigms to create an interesting combination.
Expresses fear through the developments of science.
Socially expressing the solitude the protagonist feels within her society.

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