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Vital singds

No description

Ernesto Flores

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Vital singds

They act as clues that can be used to diagnose an illness or disease.
What is the purpose for getting your vital signs measured?
Vital signs are measurements of the body's basic functions and are useful in detecting or motoring medical problems.
Vital Sign Definition
Pulse Rate
Respiration Rate
Blood Pressure
The Four Mani Vital Signs
Admission to any healthcare
If there is a change in the patient's condition
Before and after surgical procedures
Before and after activity that may increase risk
When to assess Vital signs
damage the heart
damage blood vessels
damage the kidney
what can happen with having high blood pressure (hypertension) all the time?
A healthy adult can range from 97.8* F to 99.0*F.(36.5C-37.2*C)
Vital signs
BY:Ernesto Flores

It is lower when you sleep.
It rises when you are nervous,exited or active.
Did you know ...
Temperature is usually highest in the evening
Exercise,strong,emotion,eating,heavy clothing,and ,high humidity can increase temperature.
Fever is a result of the body fighting an infection.
When the body's systems work together to maintain balance.For example the body sweats to keep cool and shivers to stay warm.
What are the two most important systems for maintaining hoeostasis
The Endrocrine system
The nervous system
Glans that secrete different hormones into the bloodstream
Regulates breathing and heart rate
What are the two vital signs that relate to the heart
Heart rate and blood pressure
Normal Heart rate for teens and Adults is...
Between 60 and 100 beats per minute
Young child will have a high normal heart rate
Athletes have a lower normal heart rate
What is blood Pressure
Is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood.
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