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Same Sex Marriage

No description

nyasia cooper

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage
Thesis statement
There are many cases and discussions that involve Same Sex Marriage.
The case In March of 1967, Jack Baker and Michael McConnell v Minnesota
There are people who are for and against Same Sex Marriage. There are plenty of reasons supporting both.

For Same Sex Marriage:
Equal treatment
beneficial to the youth

For these reasons, Same Sex Marriage should be legal.
In closing, Same Sex Marriage should be legalized in the United States, It would be more money for the people, equality is something we all must have and, It will help the youth.
My project is on Same Sex Marriage, I chose this topic because I found it interesting as well as a good topic to research. I also think that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, and doing this project was a great way to express that belief.
Should Same Sex Marriage be legalized?
Arguments 2
These are some of the reasons that people are anti Same Sex Marriage:


These three reasons are very little and can easily be argued which is another reason why Same Sex Marriage should be legal.
Sample Argument 1
It has already been stated that money is a reason for both the sides of this argument. For the supporters it would mean more money and for the those against, less.
Sample Argument 2
The second points mentioned were equal treatment and fear. The supporters merely want equality as many kinds of people have throughout history. Yet fear from everyone else has once again stopped this from happening.
Sample Argument 3
The last points mentioned are power and beneficial to the youth. Those against would lose power but those who support would be helping the youth
Background 2
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