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morgan pleiss

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010

BIG IDEAS!! Why Doesnt Crime Happen?? Why Does Crime Happen?? social control bonds which a potential criminal
has with society that serve as a
deterrent to deviant activity. welcome to this presentation by
morgan pleiss and henry black social disorganization disorganized communities
cause crime, because informal
social controls break down and
criminal cultures emerge. they lack
collective efficacy to fight crime
and disorder. criminological theory summary
handout. rational choice deterrance crime is seen as a choice that
is influenced by it's cost and
benefits criminological theory handout Social disorganization social control labeling making the
that someone
will commit
crimes either
on external
or based
on prior
activity. labeling rational choice deterrence the bonds someone has with society ie. family, school, church and the like. Hence, the picture of the family :) measures taken to persuade people not to commit crimes because the punishments outweigh the benifits. hence the picture of the neighborhood watch sign. if the neighborhood is full of trash and run-down
buildings in their neighborhood then they are less likely
to take care of their surroundings. hence the over trashed
run-down building. this is assuming that a person is going
to do something that is not good for themselves or
the environment around them. hence the picture of assume which theory reduces crime the most? social control theory reduces crime the most by utilizing the relationships (particularly the element of shame produced by somebody abusing and or neglecting these relationships and the values held by others of the group within which the potential criminal has the relationship with.) in order to deter the potential from commiting crime. this theory utilizes the idea that everyone wants to avoid disappointing at least one other person and if someone were to commit a crime it would disappoint one or more people. this is shown through an interview conducted by travis hirschi, who was the founder of this theory, with a career criminal who had commited many malicious acts. how did this interview prove hirschi's theory? at the start of the interview the criminal was none responsive at best and made many threats towards Hirschi. but when hirschi decided to "buckle down" he brought in the criminals grandmother who, through research into this particular criminal's background, hirschi was able to discover was the only person this particular criminal had the attachment to. at this threat of bringing his dear sweet grandmother into prison this criminal began to cry and shaken and insisted that they wouldnt bring his grandmother in and he would also answer any questions as long as his grandmother was not exposed to this environment. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING OUR
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