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Video Game Console TimeLine

No description

Kevin Munoz

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Video Game Console TimeLine

Video Game Console TimeLine by
Ethan and Kevin

1975-Present-Many Consoles Have Been Produced
1975-Sears releases Atari Pong
1985-Nintendo releases Nintendo Entertainment System
1986-Sega releases Master System
1989-Nintendo releases Game Boy
1991-Nintendo releases Super Nintendo Entertainment System
1995-Sega releases Saturn
1995-Nintendo releases Virtual Boy
1995-Sony releases Playstation
Good/Bad Things About Video Game Consoles
The good things about video games is that they help you improve in many things
According to www.Theonlinemom.com "Video game improve hand-eye coordination"
This Quote claims that video games can improve you in many ways.
The Bad thing about video games and video game consoles is that video games are violent.
According to Huffingtonpost "1. First-Hand Role in Killing Process. To kids, virtual experiences feel very real, not only because the graphics today are so amazing, but because they are taking on a first-person role in the killing process."
This quote clearly proves that even though the consoles are amazing, its letting kids get violence in their brains and want to kill people.
1967-The very First Video Game Console Prototype Was Made
Ralph baer and his coworkers made a prototype of the Magnavox obyssey named "Brown Box" The "Brown Box" played a game where you chased each other as squares.
1972- The Very First Console Was Made and Released To The Public
After Baer's team presented their "Brown Box" prototype to Magnavox. The company begins to develop the Magnavox. When the product was finished it became the first commercial product. unfortunately It can only be played on the odysseys tv which decrease popularity.

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Good Things link:http://www.theonlinemom.com/secondary.asp?id=1916

Bad Things link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-st-john/8-ways-violent-games_b_3875846.html
In fifty years, video game consoles will have many benefits and detriments to society.
The video game consoles will look as flat as a laptop and you will be able to interact more because of virtual reality gaming.
This technology will help us get exercise and will improve many things. It can help us be more fit and have fun doing it.
The bad things would be that we could get lossed in the virtual world and video games would end up being a big waste of time.
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