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No description

Valarie Buhidar

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Istation


Suggested Uses
Choral reading
Cloze reading
Blind cloze reading
Reader’s Theater
Puppet Show
Letter word classification
Scrambled sentences
Vocabulary mapping

Alliterative Stories and Poems

Evaluate the student’s intervention plan
Identify student’s skill weaknesses
Discuss student’s performance with administrators and intervention teams
Print to use and plan for Parent/Teacher conferences

Suggested Uses for Instructional Purposes

Student Summary Handout Report

Priority Report

Priority Report

Any student in Tier 2 or 3 in “Overall Reading”

At-Risk Criteria for Reading

Summary Report

Summary Report

Istation Login www.istation.com


Written for students to practice reading fluency
Fiction and nonfiction
Suggested uses for instructional purposes:
Choral Reading – Teacher and students read aloud together
Peer/Paired Reading- The text is first read silently by each student.  Then they take turns reading the passage two or three times orally to each other.  The listening partner provides support for the reading partner.
Echo Reading - The teacher reads a sentence, paragraph, or entire text aloud and then has the students chorally reread that segment.


Six Traits Writing teacher-directed lessons for paragraph building and essay writing in the narrative, expository, and persuasive genres that include
guided practice
independent practice
Instructional support includes
guided organizer checklists
reteach lessons
evaluation forms or student rubrics and tiered rubrics
electronic whiteboard-compatible projector pages.

Writing Rules!

Aligned to the Istation Reading scope and sequence
Emphasize instruction and practice
Additional layer of differentiated instruction for students who continue to struggle with skill acquisition

Cycle Based Interventions

Comprehensive list of activities and lessons specific to students’ needs
Designed to help struggling readers acquire grade-level skills in the five key reading components. 

Skill Based Lessons and Games

Automatic grouping of suggested lesson plans matched with the scope and sequence
Easy to use teacher directed lessons that include explicit instruction, modeled practice, differentiated independent practice and correction procedures based on student response
Minimal teacher preparation

Teacher Resources

Usage Criteria

How to Run a Student Summary Handout Report

How to Run a Student Summary Handout Report

Student Summary Handout Report

Select students for small group instruction
Obtain teacher directed lessons and materials
Document interventions provided
Discuss student performance with administrators or intervention team

Suggested Uses for Instructional Purposes

Priority Report

Priority Report

Identify students who will benefit from intense intervention
Provides links to teacher directed lessons and supplemental materials
Students are only listed if they have demonstrated weaknesses in an ISIP™ Assessment or lack of progress in skill acquisition in Interactive Instruction.

Priority Report

How to Run the ISIP Summary Report

How to Run the ISIP Summary Report

Identify skills that need emphasis in the classroom.
Identify students in need of additional support.
Group students for targeted instruction.

Suggested Uses for Instructional Purposes

Summary Report

Recommendations for
Teacher directed small group lessons
Individual interventions
Progress & Skill Growth
Monitor Sub Groups


Monthly automated computer adaptive testing system
Measure reading ability
Identify students at risk for reading failure
Automatic grouping of students by instructional tiers

Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™)

Multi-tiered, individualized student scope and sequence based on ISIP™ results
Instructional plan includes pre-teaching a skill before application in isolation, in words and during reading.

Interactive Curriculum

Summary Report

ISIP™ Advanced Reading

ISIP™ Early Reading

Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™)

Istation Student Login

Correlated to DRA2, Lexile® Levels, Guided Reading Levels, Reading A-Z Levels

ISIP™ Advanced Reading

ISIP™ Early Reading

Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™)

Absent students may take the assessment on the classroom computer.

On Assessment Day
Prepare students
Follow Administration Guidelines
Monitor Students

After Assessment
Review results

Before Initial Use
Computer Lab
Student Roster
Login Cards
Administration Guidelines

Simple Steps to Success

Print Login Cards
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