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No description

sander v Dongen

on 13 July 2017

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Transcript of E-Academy

Expansion plan
The E-Academy-Business Plan Q3
The E-Academy is een dynamische methode om bedrijven van hoogwaardige kwaliteits klanten te garanderen en ze te ondersteunen met het zo efficient mogelijk benutten van marketing budgetten. (Risk free customer aquisition; No cure no pay)

Door continue focus op onze bedrijfsprocessen; en deze door baan brekende ideeen te vernieuwen om betere mogelijkheden voor directe aquisitie te leveren en de cusomer service te verbeteren en in staat gesteld worden, een meetbare oplossing voor bedrijven en stichtingen te garanderen. (Gegarandeerde return on investment)

Door de ontwikkelingen die we maken zal er een nationale en internationale dekking ontstaan voor de aquisity en zijn we bekend geworden voor het vergroten van naamsbekendheid (brand builders)

We bieden dan ook een proffesionele ruimte waarin young professionals zich kunnen ontwikkelen en waar creativiteit word geprikkeld en er een entrepeneur word gecreeerd
Office times
-Maandag tot en met vrijdag 10:00 tot 20:30

-Zaterdag van 9:00 tot 19:00
Start situatie:

- Totaal B.A.'s: 20
- Leaders: 15
- Crew leaders
Campange manager
Territorium manager
Conferance call manager
Training stage 1 / 2
Observatie set up
Run a leaders and morning meeting
Part/full timers *


What`s your plan for 2017?
Kwaliteit, rejects, fails and Ar
Things to learn
1 team 1 taak
-Break even points vs Sales
-Finance control (go on a budget)
-Belastingzaken Blauw +
Responsibilities to Tawkr
Merge system
-Call back sheets
-Responsibilities cbs & f4d

Territory system
- How many housseholds
- Whats the rotation
- licent and on licent Territory
- Map systems

Difference between sales and BDP
-Times and investments
Conferance calls
Think like a scientist

Work like a farmer

Dream like a child
- Armoedefonds
- Marly Spoon
- Action Aid
- Albert Heijn
-Getting involved by testing methods events and B2B
Owner call *goal
Montana elite Call
Crew leaders Call
Premium club calls*

-1x week organized call for Leaders by leaders
- Year plan 2017
- Quarter plan Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4
- Monthly plan
-Weekly plan
Driving sales
Kind off:
-Week trips
- 3day trips
- Day trips
- Office trips
*Rotation of captain and vice captain
* Frequent Based
(make a Q plan)
#Observation day
-Explain company
- Business development plan
-Direct sales
Personal recruitment
*Getting involved by the recruitment process to better understanding the company and your own business within
Observation day
-Half day/full day
Thema of the week:

-Monday morning meeting core leaders, what the plan is for the week
-Sector/core meetings
-Leaders meetings
-Crew meetings
-Sector meetings
-Educational topic
-Morning meeting
- 1 on 1 `s
*Every leader who is coaching sends in week plans before sunday 0:00
-Treat people like you want to be treated
- Open communication
- Great image
-Getting succesfull together!
Personal sales avr : 18,4*

Fail rate : 6,5%

Reject rate : 8%

Ar points : 0
Team sales avr : 126,6

Fail rate : 4,3%

Reject rate : 10%

Ar points : 0
-Run your crew on numbers
-COD I and COD II Stored
-COD III Impact book
-Knowing the l.o.a. of training
-Run on a 2,5 Piece avr.
-Business plan


Back up

Name reputations
-Replace yourself succesfully
-Controle your attitude
- Run great sales impacts
- Run a roadtrip
- Manage the meeting room
- Be a great retrainer
- How to recruit
- Run a great sector
nu - 3 mnd situatie:

- Totaal B.A.`s: 30
- Leaders: 25
- Crew leaders: 3
3 - 6 mnd situatie:

- Totaal B.A.`s: 50
- Leaders: 30
- Crew leaders: 5
- D. Bus partners 1
6 - 12 mnd situatie:

- Totaal B.A.`s: 100
- Leaders: 60
- Crew leaders: 10
- D. Bus partner 2
- owner 1
Visie: - Be the largest sales organization worldwide (world domination)

1. become and stay the best!
2. The best represent of clients to increase marketing share
3. By innovation provide the best coaching to B.A.`s

Goal is to start 8 new people every week!
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