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Turtle In Paradise

No description

Haley Provencher

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Turtle In Paradise

Turtle In Paradise!!!

By: Jennifer l. Holm

Presentaion by: Claire Szwabowski & Haley Provencher
5th hour Major Characters Minor Characters Plot (Summary) The book starts out with turtle and her mother living in New Jersey. Her mom needs a job as a housekeeper, but her job does not allow kids. Turtle is sent away to her aunts house, and meets all of her relatives that she never even knew about. She now lives in a small home with her cousins; Bean, Kermit and Buddy. She goes on adventures, meets new people and much more with her new friends. They set out to investigate a giant family mystery about the buried treasure somewhere beyond the seas, and end up stuck on an island. Will they get back home? Read the book to find out! Settings The story takes place in New Jersey, and then in Key West when she visits her family. Theme Personal Thoughts Our favorite parts of the book was when Turtle was on the island and she found the gold. Also when she first moved to key west and she was meeting everyone. The theme of the story, in our opinion, was exploring new things. Moving into her aunts house was very new to Turtle, but she tried it and ended up liking it. The author of Turtle in Paradise, Jennifer L. Holm, has also wrote many books such as "Penny From Heaven", "Our Only May Amelia," and many others. Jennifer L. Holm has won three Newberry Honor Awards. After she started working with television, she started writing "Our Only May Amelia".This book was published in 1999. She then published "The Creek" in 2003. Some other books by Jennifer L. Holm are:
"Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff" (2007),"Penny from Heaven" (2007),"Turtle in Paradise" (2010),and "The Trouble with May Amelia" (2011)
Mama (Saddibelle)
Aunt Minnie
Pork Chop
Nana Philly
Smokey (cat)
Termite (dog) About the Author

Mr. Idgit
Slow Poke
Mr. Archie
Uncle Vernon
Miss Bea
Mrs. Solando
Johnny Cakes
Mrs. Budnick Comparable to Peter Pan/ Starcatchers The book is very close to Peter Pan/ Starcatchers because it is a journey. In Peter and the Starcatchers they are on a journey to find treasure, not get killed, and to help his friends survive. Our book was also a journey because her mom has a job and the owner doesn't like kids so Turtle is sent to Key West. The book is simular to Peter Pan because in this book, they travel to Neverland with the pixies, mermaids, and pirates. They visit the lost boys and make lots of new friends (and enemies) just like Turtle and Paradise. Turtle Turtle is the most important character in the book. She had to move from New Jersey and go live with her aunt in Key West. She is the main encounter of the journey. Beans Beans is Turtle's cousin. He has to give up his room for Turtle to stay with them.At first, this made him very mad. Vocabulary 1. Foraging(verb)- In search of food, supplies, etc.
"We spread out, foraging"
This is important to the story because they need to find food when the kids are stuck on the island.
2. Cistern(noun)- a tank used for storing liquid (mostly rainwater) "There is still plenty of water left in the cistern" This is how they stored water on the island
3. Bollos(noun)- A fritter made with black eyed peas and a vareity of sauces "All we had left was three bollos" This was the only food they had on the island
4. Cadaverous(adj.)- thin or pale; lack of health "the other kids almost looked cadaverous" They were running out of food and water, living on the island.
5. Plaintive(adj.)- depressed or expressing sadness "in the shack, everyone seemed plaintive." When they were stranded on the island everyone was sad Ending Slide... It was a very excellent written book but it lacked detail which made things very hard to understand. If you want to find out what happens next, then read the book "Turtle in Paradise." Make sure to read some other books by Jennifer L. Holmes too!
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