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Somalia’s Colonization

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Mariam Al. Katheeri

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Somalia’s Colonization

Somalia’s Colonization
By: Mariam Al Katheeri

Why were they colonized?

One of the major reasons why they were colonized in Somalia was for coaling and resupply stations. The colonial period results in Somalia being divided up into four territories.

What impact did this have on its society?

The Somali’s are culturally, and religiously people, who are divided along clan lines and lightly scattered over a harsh, dry land. There are significant divisions among sectors of the population, related in part to differences in means of living. In the early 1990s, roughly 60 percent of an estimated population of more than 8.4 million were still nomadic, subject to the changes of an waterless climate.

When did Somalia gain independence and how was it won?

Somalia did not fight for their independence at all- before Somalia became a country it was two different regions - A British region called British Somaliland. & an Italian region called Italian Somaliland.

How was your country colonized and by whom?

Starting in the late nineteenth century, Somalia began to be colonized by Europe.  Britain, France, Italy, Egypt and Ethiopia colonized Somalia.


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