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tom unsworth

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of UNIT 21

Unit 21 Custdoial Care
Pysical security
searching may take place in any part of the prison , routine searching will take place in areas accessible by prisoners and when leaving workshops ????
dogs are routinely used to assist with physical searches for illicit items such as drugs and phones
Dynamic security
The prison service describes dynamic security as the process of looking for patterns in intelligence,close monitoring of gang members,sharing information with other services.
Search equipment
Procedural security
The identification , establishment, enforcement and audit of security policies .
Security risks
Physical risks
Documents and records
Categorisation of prisons
Mckenzie friend
A member of the chaplaincy, a probation officer , a tutor or a fellow prisoner .
Verbal Caution
Additional days only permited if sentanced by the indpendent adjuicator .
Being confined to the cell .
Exclusion from association .
Loss of privileges .
Removal from the wing .
Loss of earnings .
Incentives for good behaviour
IEP Schemes
Access to-cell television .
Acess to own cash to spend .
Additional visits .
Eligibilty to participate in higher rate pay schemes .
Wearing own clothes .
More time outside the cell .
Restraint techniques
How to deal with aggressive and unwanted behaviours and reduce tension .
Techniques of non-verbal , verbal and physical intervention .
How any incidents must be recorded .
Legal requirments in relation to restraint .
Task 1.4
Evaluate the need for security and control in a custodial environment .
outline the types and meathods of searches
describe control measures in place in prisons .
Justify the use of ajudication and incentive schemes .
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