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Nelson Mandela - Road to Freedom

No description

Arnav Deshpande

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela - Road to Freedom

Nelson Mandela - Road to Freedom
Life in Prison
Was considered a world renowned activist and was not forgotten in South Africa
Government failed to convince Mandela to be released if abandoned defiance against government
South Africans continued his place of protesting against the government.
Mandela became a symbol of the civil rights movement in South Africa and a symbol to end the apartheid.
The protest later became too much for the government and they freed Mandela and promise to make a peaceful multi-racial change.
President of South Africa
When Nelson was freed from prison he came back to South Africa and helped the government build a new South Africa.
Became the first nationally elected president his country.
Further promoted South Africa as a multi-racial country.
Gave many seeches to inspire his people of the wonders of this new country.
As a president, Nelson Mandela doesn't want people to be mistreated because race, gender and background.
Justice for Johannesburg
Within a few days of Mandela's arrival he dealt with the brutal realities of the racial apartheid.
Attended meetings with the ANC (African Nationalist Congress) - a organization trying to establish a democratic government for South Africa.
Mandela disappeared underground to escape a limitation the government placed on him.
Was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment with theory to sabotage the government.
Quick Facts
- Birth: July 18, 1918
- Death: December 5, 2013
- Full Name: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
- Occupation: Civil Rights in South Africa
- Date Released From Prison: February 11, 1990

On July 18, 1918, in the village of Mvezo, South Africa, a young boy, Rolihlahla, was brought into the world.
Many years later on Rolihlahla started school and due to the bias of the British educational system in south Africa Rolihlahla would be known as Nelson.
At the age of 9, Nelson's father died of lung disease and Nelson was sent to live with the Thembu villagers .
When Mandela was 16, he took a ceremony marking the end of boyhood and the beginning of manhood. During this ceremony the speaker talked the about how the ceremony was meaningless because they would have no real power, as Europeans hogged all of it for themselves using the apartheid.
Mandela later ran away to Johanesburg to escape a pre arranged marrige.
Nelson Mandela's Inauguration Speech
Bibliography For Images
By: Arnav Despande
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