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American Indian Film Gallery for SIRLS

No description

Jennifer Jenkins

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of American Indian Film Gallery for SIRLS

www. aifg.arizona.edu
Redesign and rebranding of AIFG website for UA stewardship (tentative launch date, February 2012)

User Guide/ “Tip Sheet” for curricular applications

Grant funding for continued tech conversion and support

Local Steering Committee (5-8)
International Advisory Board (10-20)

Yaqui Film Library
National Geographic
Smithsonian Human Studies Film Archive
Next Steps
of films about and by Native peoples of the Americas
of film elements, now at LoC
Digital Preservation
of access copies
by research
by website, with expanded metadata
American Indian Film Gallery: Mission
Bird, Elizabeth. Dressing in Feathers: the Construction of the Indian in American Popular Culture. Westview, 1996.

Kilpatrick, Neva Jacquelyn. Celluloid Indians: Native Americans and Film. Lincoln: U Nebraska, 1999.

Prelinger, Rick. A Field Guide to Sponsored Films. San Francisco: National Film Preservation Foundation, 2006.

Singer, Beverly. Wiping the War Paint off the Lens: Native American Film and Video. Visible Evidence. Minneapolis: U Minnesota, 2001.

Smith, Ken. Mental Hygiene: Better Living Through Classroom Films 1945-1970. Blast, 1999.
Rogelio Agrasánchez, Agrasánchez Film Archive

Paula Barreiro, Universidad de Antioquía

Margie Compton, University of Georgia Peabody Archive

Janna Jones, Northern Arizona University

Jules Arita Koostachin (Cree), Ryerson University, Toronto

Sibel Malik, New Mexico State Archives

National Film Board of Canada/Office National du Film du Canada

Mark Neumann, Northern Arizona University

Pam Wintle, Human Studies Film Archive, Smithsonian Institution
International Advisory Board
K-12 teachers and librarians
in Social Studies, History, Language Arts, Diversity, and Cultural Competency courses

Graduate and undergraduate
Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts courses
Study of historical representations of American Indian, Indigenous, and First Nations peoples in the Americas
Study of historical filmmaking methods for educational and sponsored markets

Native Community
-building and lifeways documentation and response
Native language study and recapture
Decolonizing the archive

filmwork by visual artists
Adaptive uses in Dance, Theatre, Literature and Film, and Poetry/Fiction performances and readings and Visual Cultures to Ethnographic Film and Historiography

User Groups and Pedagogical Applications
Cave Paintings of the Chumash (1965)
Storytelling, Visual and Oral Narrative
American Indian Literature and Culture
Intercultural Americas
Theories of Representation and Identity
Image Sovereignty and Policy
Colonial and Postcolonial analyses of narrative and the archive
Crafts: documenting lost or waning artforms
Archival practice and collection management
AIFG Content Areas
Special Collections,
including the Arizona, Southwestern, and Borderlands Photograph Collection

(UA Institutional Repository) includingDocumentary Relations of the Southwest http://uair.arizona.edu/item/795799

: a higher education, multifunctional, outreach and distance learning telecommunications center/network/web-portal entry page, developed and produced by The University of Arizona

Office of Instruction and Assessment
UA’s iTunesU collections
UA’s YouTube channel
“Through Our Parents’ Eyes” and other K-12 resource websites
Digital Environment at UA
UA Libraries
: emphasis on Southwest, Borderlands collections

SIRLS Knowledge River

Department of English

tribal initiatives in writing and language preservation

Poetics and Politics Readings
Series (1992, 2010--)

Student-run publication
Red Ink
in collaboration with AIS

Arizona State Museum
, CCP, Tree-Ring Lab

Southwest Indian Arts Fair

Native Eyes Film Festival
UA Campus Research Context

The State of Arizona is home to
21 federally recognized tribes
and over 250,000 Native Americans

Well over
1000 Native students
are presently pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees across the spectrum of disciplines at UA

UA established the
M.A. in American Indian Studies (1982) and the Ph.D (1997)
, each the first degree of its kind in the nation

Each summer, UA hosts the
American Indian Language Development Institute
, now in its 35th year

Knowledge River
trains librarians and info specialists for Native and Hispanic communities

Navajo, Hopi, O’Odham, Apache, and Yaqui languages are regularly taught on campus
The Case for University of Arizona
In Public Domain (no copyright restrictions)

Digitally scanned
Streaming (Flash video, 2012)

The Films

“The American Indian Film Gallery [AIFG] is an online collection of films related to Native Americans. The films come from a variety of sources that include commercial travel films (e.g. Santa Fe Railway), serious cultural studies

(by various universities), corporate advertising (e.g. the Primitive Peoples series from Old Gold cigarettes), educational documentaries made by long-forgotten adventurers with movie cameras, and personal testimonies produced by young Native American film makers, themselves.” --J. Fred MacDonald

The 16mm film collection was donated to the Library of Congress in 2010.
The online film gallery was donated to the University of Arizona in July, 2011.

Dr. J. Fred MacDonald is Professor Emeritus of Modern European and American History, Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.
Fred MacDonald
Community Video: Lower Sioux
Villages in the Sky (1952)
Avalon Daggett Productions
Tierra del Fuego
National Geographic: http://maps.nationalgeographic.com/maps
450 films and videos, and counting

1922 to 2010
Nunavut to Tierra del Fuego
16mm films
(Coronet, NFBC, Crawley, Moody Institute, EB)
16 mm film
(SFRR, tobacco, coal, General Dynamics, Presbyterian Church)
, tribal public television (e.g., KYUK, Bethel, AK)
Independent productions
AIFG: Scope and Content
Western History/Genealogy Dept.,
Denver Public Library
An Information, Teaching, and Research Resource
Jennifer L. Jenkins
Department of English, UA

American Indian
Film Gallery

GA positions funded by SIRLS/IMLS grant

AIS internships as part of graduate curriculum

English for-credit internships and practica

GA positions funded by Confluence, VPR grants
Thank you!!
In Public Domain (no copyright restrictions)
Digitally scanned for streaming (Flash video, 2012)
Collaboration with SIRLS, AIS, COH
Metadata Work
How to Make Frybread
Design Changes in Progress
Originally designed as an instructional resource

Shifting to archival resource under Special Collections

Search function (!!!)
Navigability for research
Controlled Vocabulary (presently organic)
Metadata fields (pulldown or template)
The project as originally conceived:
Jennifer Jenkins, Curator
Full transcript