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Mohamamd Haque

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Doctor

Family Physician
By Mohammad H The Different Types of Doctors Mohammad wants to become a Family Physician because:
He does not want to specialize like a Cardiologist because it will take him a lengthy time to graduate Medical School
There will be a higher cost of Medical School if he specilizes like a Cardiologists
He wants to become self-employed so he won't need to worry about making resumes What Type of Doctor does Mohammad want to Become? Why does Mohammad want to become a doctor? There are 8 things a doctor would have to do for every patient:
Try to understand a different accent
Give access to patients to diagnostic tests
Treat patients
Refer the patients to different specialized doctor if needed
Do patient reports
Prescribe medication to patients
Provide emergency care
Understanding patients medical history What are the Main Tasks of a Family Physician? yolo What are the skills needed to become a Family Doctor Most Family Doctors work in Clinics
Clinics have 3 areas:
1-Waiting room
2- Receptionists office
3- The area where the doctors treats patients
The work environment of a physician is designed to be efficient and effective for medical work.
The waiting areas may be focused on the patient but the working areas are focused on providing the supplies
The receptionists' work environment is effective for their own needs like computers and medical records of patients Likes of a Family Doctor There are many types of doctors, for example:
General Surgeon
Family Physician
And many MORE!! You need to be energetic and never get tired (Energetic Essential skills)
You must be patient with patients
You must be decisive (Decision Making essential skills)
You must love helping people
You must have ability to write legible prescriptions so the pharmacists could read it (Writing essential skills)
Ability to control your emotions
You must remember the materials that you learned in Medical School (Memory essential skills)
Ability to document patient medical history (Reading and Writing essential skills)
Ability to find the problem with the patient ( Finding Information essential skills) How is the work Environment for a Family Doctor Money
Luxurious cars
Helping people
Huge houses
Government benefits
Helping your community
Love to help people The reason why I want to become a doctor because I love helping people.
The Value Test I have done told me that I am a compassionate and supportive person.
The Enneagram Test indicated that I’m a loyalist who is a person who is considerate about problems facing his/her family, friends or neighbours.
So after realizing that I care about people and the tests showed me that this profession is really for me. Dislikes of a Family Doctor Long time spent in school
Difficult because too much work
High expenses for school
Lots of competition to go into medical school
You need high grades
Don't want to have pressure all the time Education Requirements You must take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for Grade 11 and Grade 12 at a university level
Then after high school you must take any science courses in university with a Bachelor's program for 3-4 years
Then you pass a MCAT which is a Medical School qualification exam
After that, if you qualify you can go to Medical school for another 3-5 years
Finally, you must have a residency for another 4 years. This is when you will practice and learn from professional doctors, and you will also be getting paid, this is like CO-OP! How Much Money Will You Earn? Most Family Doctors earn from $100,000 to $250,000
This is determined by the government.The more patients the doctor sees , the more money the doctor would be able to get. How is the Future Outlook for a Family Doctor? More and more people are wanting to become a doctor, the reasons are:
Economies slowing down- employment rate are getting lower
Technology won't take their jobs until a long time
People will get sick because there will be more more diseases outbreaks in the future Similar Occupations 1) Optometrist
2) DentistS
3) Pharmacists
4) Orthodontists
5) General Surgeons Contacts For More Information Many people want to become a Family Doctor because they want: There are many names for a doctor,such as: Medical Practitioner
And many more There are Many Different Pathways of Becoming a
Family Physcian The first plan is to finish your Science's Bachelor degree, and if you qualify you can go into Medical School in Canada and after that you could have residency.

The second plan is to finish your University Bachelor degree in science and then if you do not get into these Canadian medical schools you could always go to the Caribbean to study medicine and you can get residency there and after that you would have to do a test and you can practice medcine in Canada Conclusion What is a Doctor? Definition: A qualified person who helps people who are unhealthy and try to make them healthy again. Conclusion: YouTube Video For Dr. Lund, his main reason why he wanted to become a doctor is to help the people in need and help his community My reason to become a doctor is exactly like Dr. Lund's reason, because we want to improve our society and help our community and the people in need. People usally choose this career because of all the wrong things such as money, status, expensive cars or huge houses, which is not a bad thing, but this career would be excellent for a person who is a "people type" of a person and have People Intelligence since he or she enjoy working with people. This job is not for people that have Musical/ Rhythmic intelligence because there is no singing or any type of rhythm in this profession. Also, this is not for people who are lazy or careless, because in this field you have to work hard every day because people's lives are depending on you and if you take it easy you might make a huge mistake that could affect your patient. Addmision Requirements If you want to study medicine in Canada you must get:
90% average in grade 11 and 12
90% average in your undergrade degree
Pass Medical school
Pass residency There are 6 medical schools in Ontario you can go to, such as University of Toronto or Mac Master.
To reach the hotline of all of Ontario medical school and to choose which medical school is right to you, dial: 519-823-1063
Or you can go to http://www.ouac.on.ca/omsas/omsas-schools/
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