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Total Craigroyston

Total Craigroyston is working to improve outcomes for children and families in and around the Craigroyston Community High School catchment area. This presentation gives a brief introduction to the journey so far and some of our next steps.

Tracey Devenney

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Total Craigroyston

“We are never asked for our input. We would like to be involved in local decision making and we would help run initiatives”
- local parent
“Recognising that effective services must be designed with and for people and communities - not delivered ‘top down’ for administrative convenience”
– Christie Commission
“It is really valuable to see the full story
of how someone uses a service along a
timeline so we can see where we can
intervene or work better together”
- health visitor
Improving outcomes
for children and families
by any means possible
April - June
July - September
... to belong
... to thrive
... that you know
... to learn
A Safe Place
... to live
... to bring up a family
Summer - Autumn
2012 2013
Play out days
Local multi-agency Training
16+ destinations
P7 transitions
Our Families
Application of Getting it Right
Parenting support
Families at risk of eviction
What's on?
Autumn - Now
Build on strengths
Test and learn
Listen to people and their experiences
Support at the right time
Recognise everyone needs help sometimes
Work in partnership with the community
Celebrate success
Going Forward
Regeneration - a community of possibility and opportunity
School attendance
Diversion from crime
Neighbourhood Approach
Our Families - Next Phase
Youth participation
Forth Task Force
Youth crime
Guardians Group
Supporting families at an earlier stage
Integration of children's services
Redesigned curriculum - Wood Group
Rights respecting school/community
Integration of health and children's services
School readiness
Mental Health
Partnership Centre
Community Shop
School readiness
No exclusions policy
Working Model
Excellent Universal Services
Support to Families
Building a strong community
Early Years Test of Change
Continued improvement in partnership working
Joint action plan on numeracy and literacy
Support in Time
Excellent Universal Services
Support to families... the right support... at the right time... for as long as is needed
Building a strong community
Supporting Parents
Out of School Opportunities
Link Up
Capacity building
Prevention strategy
What we've Learned
Trusting relationships are essential
Sharing information - data/intelligence
Parity of esteem between services
Working from the community
Empathy - listening - understanding
Develop a 'get the job done' culture
Permissive approach to management
Space/Time to see the bigger picture
Themes - A place...
Joint approach to bullying
New homes
Partnership centre
Dedicated worker
Excellent Universal Services
Support to Families
Building a Strong Community
Parents programmes
Early years test of change
Voluntary Sector Partners
Community Learning and Development
More deliberate use of first contact
Opportunities to learn in the community
Outcomes So Far
Secondary School attainment is improving
Rate of exclusion from school is reducing (down by 46%, 2011/12 to 2013/14)
More young people going on to positive destinations (up by 18.5% to 79.5%, 2009/10 to 2012/13)
What's going well?
Literacy at Primary 1 is improving
Fresh Start programme is helping close the gap in reading and spelling
Outcomes So Far
What's still of concern?
Attendance is still below target
Work required in making the improvements in literacy and numeracy more consistent
The number of families having a housing crisis increased in 2013/14
Under-16 offenses are highest in Edinburgh (2013)
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