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Develop the right thing

suren reddy

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of BDD

BDD "Team effort" Business Value Iterative Conclusion BDD relies on the use of a very specific (and small) vocabulary to minimize miscommunication and to ensure that everyone – the business, developers, testers, analysts and managers – are not only on the same page but using the same words.

It is a practice not a tool.

It works for a team not an individual.

It can be challengin and hard to properly implement but very rewarding. Behaviour Development "It aims to help focus development on the delivery of prioritised, verifiable business value by providing a common vocabulary that spans the divide between Business and Technology.

--Dan North framework Goal Framework of activity based on three core principles - "Business and Technology should refer to the same system in the same way " Driven BDD uses Iterative Development and Short Release Cycles steered by the Business to deliver the Behaviour and achieve verifiable Progress. It's an Agile Development process @ Sunsuper most of the problems that software teams face are Matt - PO Rachel, Anu, Chris, steve - BA Steve, Grant - BU Davs, Pushpa, Brian, Anne - testers Pat, Paul, chai, wendy, martin, simon, joseph - devs communication problems build the right thing vs have we built the right thing Given a context
When an action is taken
Then an outcome should occur


Given a member with multi occur
When the TFN is updated on one occur
Then all the occurrences should be updated with the TFN value language - gherkin scenarios can be executed on the Developers machine at the time of development - every few minutes scenarios can be executed everytime the code is shared between the developers - every few hours scenarios can be executed everytime the code goes into a new environement - hourly, nightly?? frequency of iteration nature of iterations Regression checks
Refactoring checks
Deployments checks
Validation checks Example @CON018
Feature: View Errors and warnings in upload summary screen.
As an Internal Admin user
I want to view summary of errors and warnings
So that I determine the quality of the uploaded file.

Given that I have logged in as a "Internal Administrator"

Scenario: Verify Errors shown before warnings on uploading a file with error and warnings
Given I enter "C59294" into the "employer id" text field
And I enter "A" into the "location" text field
And I click on "Next" button
And I am on the "File Upload" screen
And the "Contribution period" drop down list is defaulted to null
And the "Browse" button is disabled
When I select the value "August 2011, Second half" in the "Contribution period" drop down list
And the "upload" radio button is defaulted
Then the "Browse" button is enabled
When I click on "Browse" button
Then I should see a "open" dialog window
And I select for a "PWC.csv" file
And I click on "open" button
When I click on "Next" button
And I am on the "Upload Summary" screen
Then I want to verify that "Contribution Period" is displayed as "August 2011, Second half"
Then I want to verify that "warning icon" is displayed
And I want to verify that "Errors and Warnings" is displayed
And I want to verify that "Your file contains errors and warnings" is displayed
And I want to verify that "Errors must be corrected before you can submit your file." is displayed implementation When /^I enter the file name as "([^\"]*)"$/ do |file_name|
windows_dialog_enter_filename (@path_to_file)
end execution cmd - cucumber --tags @CON08 --format -html ci - teamcity red - green - red BDD tool stacks Specification layer - Cucumber (gherkin)

implementation layer - Ruby, C#

Application layer - watir, bewildr, selenium - Its all behaviour As a practice - EOL
validations - VLDT.PH
regression - Annual statements, Mym, Ins remarket
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