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MHC class II

No description

Afzal Ahrorov

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of MHC class II

Group 3
MHC class II Deficiency
MHC class II genes
MHC class II
Extracellular Peptides
DNA sequencing test
Various mechanisms
Immune System
Virus infection
Phagocytic event
Present on APC
Longer peptide (15-24 aa)
MHC class II deficiency
MHC class II deficiency
Case study #3
Tests and Results
PHA test - Normal
Serum Ig levels (Low IgM, IgG, IgA)
WBC count (Low CD4, but normal CD8 T cells)
Normal CD8 and PHA test ruled out SCID
HLA typing (for bone marrow transplant)
EBV+flourescent-tagged ab=no expression of MHC class II (HLA-DR, DQ)
Busulfan 6 hrs/4 days
Bone marrow (T cell depleted)
Graft-versus-Host Disease?
MHC class II Deficiency
Immune Function RESTORED
Thank you
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www.idf.org (International Diabetes Federation)
Helen Burns: Medical History
Second child
Thrived until 6 month of age
Pneumonia, cough and fever
Infection of Pneumocystis carinii
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