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Greenpeace RFP

No description

Christopher Fildes

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Greenpeace RFP

Greenpeace RFP
Basis for RFP
Food and Beverage

Antonia Antes
Alex Tsatorian
Chris Fildes

Gaby Ruiz
Jiye Im
Solah Lee

Greenpeace is a progressive, controversial global non-profit company that is committed to issues such as global warming, preservation of the environment, and abolishing nuclear power.

Greenpeace is looking for a new venue to hold for it's members annual meeting during the dates of July 16th-18th.

Greenpeace requires a very environmentally friendly venue in all aspects, including meeting infrastructure and easy use of mass transit.
Media plays a vital role in Greenpeace Activism.
Keynote Speaker
John Passacantando
Former Executive Director of Greenpeace
Jack Johnson
Greenpeace Endorsed Musician
Entertainment Overview
Main Focus:
Use Eco-Friendly Products
Pre-used Decorations
Reusable Decorations
Donate and Share
Cavallo Point Lodge
(awards under meeting space)
Mission Blue Lawn
Mission Blue (Interior)
Seasonal Fruit Displays
from Local Farmers Markets
Live Orchids
Fruit Decor
Pen & Paper -> "Please Return Form"
Cans & Plastics -> Reusable Glassware
Conservation -> Utilizing Local Sources
Toxic-> Eco-Friendly Supplies
-> Reducing Electricity

Sponsor One
Sponsor Two
Day One: Menu Items
Day Two: Menu Items
Day Two: Dinner
Day Three: July 18, 2013
Greenpeace is the largest independent direct-action Environmental organization in the world.
San Francisco
Cavallo Point Lodge
The Lodge at the Golden Gate
Awards and Certifications
Transit Options
Sausalito Ferry Terminal
Contemporary Lodging
Historic Lodging
Thank You
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