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D Block IR -5

For this Presentation you will take the canvas, add to it and create your own path to tell your own story.

Molly Smith

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of D Block IR -5

Silas Marner spinning jenny coal deposits railroads mercantilism What is the impact of the IR on England? As a result of the IR more efficiant
methods of transportation needed to be found
in 1830: few dozen miles of railroad tracks
in 1850: 23 thousand miles of railroad tracks
shows the increase of dependency Need for coal sparked new inventions to aid in the mining of coal, that came around due to the need for coal led to the creation of engines used in steem boats and trains
Factories: dependent on coal for production and transportaion
Used as an alternate form of energy People like Silas Marner had to
move to cities, becuase their jobs
(weavers) were taken over by new
machines When you export more than import being self sufficient: increase the wealth of England New way to make cloth
simple and inexpensive
increased production of clothing
lowered prices of clothing Agricultural Revolution IR led to the AR because of the
new systems of farmins besides
tradintioal farming practices
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