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Heritable and Non Heritable Chracteristics

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Ryan Almasi

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Heritable and Non Heritable Chracteristics

Discrete + Continuous variation
Discrete Variation:
Continuous Variation In Mouse Population
A scientists wants to study the continuous variation in a mouse population. What is one mouse characteristic that he or she might investigate?
Characteristics that cannot be genetically inherited from parent to offspring; Acquired traits.
Examples of non-heritable charcateristics would include skills and traits that have been learned over time. For example: Table manners, intelligence, and physical damage, etc.
Genetic characteristics that are passed on from the parent to the offspring
Examples of heritable characteristics would include height, eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, shape of head, nose, mouth, etc
Heritable and Non-Heritable Characteristics
Heritable characteristics:

Picture Of Me
Heritable + Non Heritable Characteristics
Ryan Almasi 9-2
September 29, 2017

Non-heritable characteristics
Continuous variation:
Genetically inherited traits that have a limited number of variations
Examples of discrete variations include the ability to roll your tongue or the ability for ones earlobe to be attached to the side of your head.
Genetic traits that show a range of possibilities. Variations that have no limit on the value that can occur within a population.
Examples of continuous variations include height, weight, heart rate, finger length, mass, intelligence, etc.
The scientist might want to study the weight or high of the mouse. They might also want to study the size of the mouses various ligaments (hands, feet, etc), the size of the head, any characteristic that is ranging in form as these are continuous variations.
How The Environment May Affect Variation In Plants
Variations can be due to environmental changes such as climate and diet. Many kinds of variation are influenced by both environmental and genetic factors, but although our genes decide what characteristics we inherit, our environment affects how these characteristics are developed.

- plants may have the potential for strong growth, but if they do not receive sufficient mineral resources from the soil or receive insufficient amount of sunlight, they may hardly grow at all.
Inherited Characteristics
1. [Continuous] Nose (Shape, etc) [Father]

2. [Continuous] Eyes (Colour, size, etc) [Both]

3. [Continuous] Mouth (Lip size, shape, etc) [Mother]

4. [Continuous] Ears (Size, shape, earlobe attachment [discrete]) [Mother]

5. [Continuous] Chin/Jaw (Shape, size, etc) [Father]
Inherited Characteristic Cont'd
6. [Discrete] Hair (Texture, colour, etc) [Mother]

7. [Discrete] Eyebrows (Thickness, colour) [Father]

8. [Continuous] Forehead (Size, colour, etc) [Mother]

9. [Continuous] Skin (Colour, smoothness, etc) [Mother]

10. [Continuous] Cheeks (Shape, with or without dimples) [Father]
Acquired Non-Heritable Characteristics
1. Behavior

2. Skills (Ability to play guitar, etc)

3. Language (Able to speak French, English, and Farsi)

4. Hobbies and Interests

5. Injuries (Cuts on arm, Bruises on legs, etc)
Inheritance of Physical Characteristics Modified by Environment
Inheritance of many of our physical characteristics is modified by our environment. Give one personal example of this and explain/justify your choice:
My height or body build could be impaired due to an imbalanced or incorrect diet. If an efficient amount of nutrients do not reach the body, growth and development of the body cannot occur. Ones dietary preference is usually based on the types of food available in the environment in which they live in. I posses a somewhat skin tone which I have inherited from my parents, but exposure to the sunlight can darken my skin even further.
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