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Bruce Trail Expedition

No description

vlad cojocarasu

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Bruce Trail Expedition

Bruce Trail Expedition About The Trail About the Hikers Expedition Purpose The Team The Challenges The main purpose of this expedition is to raising money for Food & Nutrition for Hamilton Inner City Kids The team will be doing a about 900km hike all the way from Niagara to Tobermory in only 30 day. That means at least 30km per day in hope that they will get donations from people in Canada. Teemu Lakkasuo Is no stranger to adventure and expedition. He has always completed his goal in helping others and is now seeking new thrills that will play a role in helping others. He is also looking forward to help children along the way and to raise awareness of child hunger in the world. Peter Turkstra Is the President of Turkstra Lumber.Turkstra Lumber has a long history of being interested in helping charities for children. He will be doing the Bruce Trail in hope that kids can join in an adventure based in Ontario. Mark MacLennan Is the Director of Project Co-ordination for Konstant/Redirack. He is looking forward to be able to help so many children and to inspire many people to get out and enjoy all the wonders of the Bruce Trail. Fred Losani Is the owner and CEO of Losani Homes. He is a very passionate man and adventure. His philosophy is to help children have a better future in Hamilton by raising money to help them succeed in a better school community.
. The Bruce Tail Waterfalls On the Bruce Trail there are only 2 waterfalls that are the main attraction to the trail. They are not to big in height or in width but they both have a magnificent view. They are the Tiffany Falls and the Sherman Falls. Tiffany Falls is located in the Niagara Area at about 10 minutes from the staring point of the trail while the Sherman Falls is located in the Hamilton area in the Dundas Valley Conservatory Area. These are only 2 out of the many waterfalls on the trail The Length of the Trail Some of us know that the Bruce Trail is more 900 km from Niagara to Tobermory. But the it is actual less then we think. The trail is only 885 km from top to bottom On the Bruce Trail there are many types of living organisms that live in the Bruce Trail environment for example there are extensive variety of orchids, ferns, bushes, trees and wildflowers that grow onto the trail. Also there are more than 500 types of living animal species in the trail environment as well. Bruce Trail Living Organisms 885 km Fred Losani, Peter Turkstra, Mark MacLennan and Teemu Lakkasuo will be making an expedition on the Bruce Trail for a fundraiser. Resource

Done By: Vlad Cojocarasu
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