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My dream vacation

No description

Erick Flores

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of My dream vacation

Japan My dream vacation Travel vacation days: 7 days hours of travel: 11 hours 30 min. by plane.(non-stop) things to do 1. Eat sushi.
(Recommended restaurant:Sushi Saito) 2.go shopping. 3.go to a concert 4.visit historical monuments kyoto Hiroshima memorial park enjoy their cultural festivals. Spring Cherry blossom festivals Hanami lantern floating festival Toōroō nagashi how will I get there? Cost:$991 (from L.A.X to Tokyo International Airport)
Tax & Fees included Airlines: Singapore Airlines Currency Japan currency is the Japanese yen trade in price:
$1 into 77.8574 yen Ex: $20= 1557.148 yen Documents Passport Diplomatic visa
(for government travel) Military visa
(for unsponsored military dependant) No vaccinations or medical treatment required. Accommodations 600-700 yens for the first two kilometers
100 more yens per 500 meters Transportation 1 kilometer= 0.621371 miles 500 meters= 0.310686 miles Option 2: Bullet trains Japan gives out train passes to people that uses the bullet train for 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days. 7 days: $359 USD
$479 USD (First class) 14 days: $572 USD
$776 USD (First class) 21 days: $731 USD
$1,009 USD (First class) Food Prices: Restaurant:1000-3000 yens
(for full meal including:
noodles,curry, etc.) Local markets sell basic goods
such as: bread, rice, and fish at
a price range of 100-500 yens Hotels If you were to stay in a hotel and
price isn't a problem for you then I
suggest the 5-star Park Hyatt Tokyo
hotel found in Shinjuku, Japan the cost will be $483 USD for basic rooms
and for a presidential suite it will cost you
around $1500-$2000 USD. Entertainment Concerts tickets: 1000-1500 yens Books (manga): 300-600 yens Why here? I choose this place because I like
their culture and festivals they have. Sapporo snow festival Tanabata (the star festival) Also because I like the anime shows they make. Naruto shippuden The world god only knows Anohana: the flower we saw that day Onegai (please) teacher The end.
Created by: Erick Flores date: 9/28/12 Period:4 Class: Intro to business Teacher: Mrs.Navarro Japan
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