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Realistic Fiction

Reading Genre: Simple and short introduction to the elements of realistic fiction- 3rd grade

Molly Clark

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Realistic Fiction

X Marks the Spot! What is Realistic Fiction?
Stories that feature characters and plots that could actually happen in everyday life
Settings are based on familiar places such as a home, school, office, or farm
Characters face real life problems and are solved in a realistic way Welcome to the Cove of Meaning What is the Purpose of Realistic Fiction?
Shows how people grow and learn, deal with successes and failures, make decisions, build relationships, and solve problems
It's entertaining! How would you like to "escape" into someone else's life for a while? Journey of Purpose Who is the Audience for Realistic Fiction?
But especially enjoyable for readers who are interested in stories that happen in a realistic place and they can connect to similar experiences Reader's Skull How do you read realistic fiction?
The title will give you a clue about an important character or conflict in the story
Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the main characters
Note how the characters change from the beginning of the story to the end
Ask yourself: "What moves this character to action? Can I learn something from their struggles?" So, to summarize, what is Realistic Fiction?
Takes place in real life
Deal with a real world problem
Has characters who act like real people
Everyone can be entertained by these stories! Fictional books about Real life Island of Realistic Fiction Who is the journey for? Are these books realistic fiction?
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