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Home Living vs Dorm Life

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Mobeena Siddiqui

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Home Living vs Dorm Life

Example of a college dorm
The word "dorm" is short for "dormitory" and often refers to on-campus college living. On campus living usually requires a roommate and rarely have attached bathrooms/ kitchens (cafeterias). Although some dorms do have "on suite" bathrooms and kitchens, they tend to be a lot more expensive than a dorm with a communal bath.
Dorm Life
Reasons to Live in a Dorm
Paper 4-7 pages long? 4 pages it is
Most people get excited for college because they crave the freedom they expect after becoming an adult and being responsible for their actions. Unfortunately for some, people's dreams crash and burn and they end up constantly asking their moms what they're having for dinner and returning immediately to their rooms to "study." On a more positive note, if you're living like that during college, it's not your internet, food,or board unless you actually have parents that make you pay them for those things.
College Living at Home
In the US, residence halls are sometimes separated by gender. Men live in one group of rooms and women live in another.
You may ask for a roommate from a specific country or region, But if you ask for a friend as a roommate, they probably won't make the effort to arrange it. Most students live in double rooms, although some dorms also include singles and triples.
The People You Live With
Home Living vs Dorm Life
Hassan Yazdani, Mobeena Siddiqui

"The [dorm] setup does a good job of letting a student worry a bit less and focus more on school. There are plenty of people around for company, … and classes are just a short walk away. Just about everything a student needs for living is available."
—Simon, college freshman

"When I first arrived at my college, I was terrified that I wouldn’t find anyone that I could hang out with because I knew absolutely no one. I was surprised, therefore, at how quickly I became part of a close-knit group of friends, almost all of whom live in my dorm."
—Jessie, college freshman
What Students Think of Dorm Life
Reasons Not to Live in a Dorm
Once people go off to college, they tend to forget to actually focus on their studies a lot of the time. This is especially true for those who live in dorms and don't have as much discipline. Living with parents gives students a certain sense of consciousness pf which they know they can't mess around. This also gives the parents a sense of security that their children are somewhat in their control and can monitor them to an extent.
Ankur Patel, Resident Assistant, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
“What Makes a Positive College Experience?” by Tamar Lewin.
Most students who are anxious to go off to college often forget that their parents have a lot to account for in terms of their needs. Parents want what's best for their children and want them to be in a fulfilling environment. As a student, it's in your best interest to imitate the society of a college campus (not Greek life mind you) and interact with the outside world without conflicting with your school work.
Parents' Aspect
Yes she is...
Of course, another way to look at college living is neither by the rules of dorms nor the strict regulations of your parents is by living by yourself. Every adolescent's dream! Renting out your own apartment and doing whatever you want to do is the pinnacle of certain individuals lives, even if it's only for the few minutes after they sign the lease. Allows for a sense of responsibility and possibly a major landmark in one's life as growing up. Although they may be a bit pricier than dorms, they offer most of the same services and the owner of the building isn't as nosy.
Independent and Strong
If all else doesn't appeal, nothing beats a sense of being in control of yourself. Living in an apartment gives the tenant an ease of mind of living in privacy and without interruption. Apartment complexes usually don't mind if you have visitors after certain hours either unlike college dorms and, usually, your parents house.
Personal Control
You are very close to campus recreation facilities.
You do not have to find a parking place before class.
Depending on your schedule, you can take naps between classes.
Living in a dorm allows one to meet new people
Dorm living makes it easier to manage time better and manage stress.
There is easier access to on campus services
Its safer and there is more security because of on campus police.
"I can safely say that dorm life is by far the most rewarding part of college outside the classroom. … Living under the same roof with so many different types of people truly allows an individual to see the world with a whole new perspective."
—Justin, college freshman
Company: you can learn how to navigate campus life together since your roommate is also new.
Support: They can help you out and take care of you when you're sick or late for class.
New perspectives: A roommate can help introduce you to new cultures and oints of views.
The Benefits
Roommates can actually help make college life easier to deal with
No Privacy: There is absolutely NO privacy. "Your roommate may always be around, you may have your roommates friends or even your roommate snooping around your stuff while you're not there."

Always Noisy: You will never have a quiet environment at the dorms. Doors are constantly opening and closing, people will be talking, and walls and doors are extremely thin so sound carries

Shared Bathrooms: You will not be guaranteed a shower. It may be crowded, and "this means that you will have to shower and do your business where everyone else does it."
1. So which would you pick, dorm life or living at home?

2. What is something you look forward to about dorm life? Living at home?

3. How has your view on both changed?

4. How do those views compare to your old views
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