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Sir George William Ross

No description

Risha R

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Sir George William Ross

Sir George William Ross Introduction Sir George William Ross was born on September 18th, 1841. His father and mother emigrated from Scotland and settled in Middlesex County, Upper Canada. His early career started as a humble schoolteacher and he advanced further, becoming the 5th Premier and the Minister of Education of Ontario. He had been the brother of 7 others, and father of 9. Although he was the descendant of Scottish men, he was a Canadian at heart. Early Life James Ross and Ellen McKinnon had come from Tain, Scotland, as a modest shoemaker. In his early years, George Ross had worked on his family's farm. He had been born the third son in his family. Life on the farm was not suitable for the young George Ross, so he left home and his 7 siblings as a teen for a career of teaching and education.
He had married 3 in his lifetime: Christina Campbell, Catherine Boston and Mildred Margaret Peel. He married Christina in 1862 and bore 3 daughters and 2 sons, dying in 1872. George remarried in 1875 to Catherine, bearing 1 son and 3 daughters, dying in 1902. His final marriage to Mildred in 1907 ended on the day of his death, March 7th, 1914. Major Accomplishments His story begins with a schoolteacher. Soon enough, he had earned himself a first-class provincial certificate, deeming himself worthy to be a school-teacher. That certificate certified him to be an inspector. He pursued politics after and was elected several times as a Liberal. He was eventually declared void so he took up an opportunity to be the Minister of Education for Ontario.
From therein, he improved the education system from the kindergarten system to many more opportunities to learn. His interest in politics led him to desire something better than a seat as a Liberal. He became the 5th Premier, but James Whitney got elected in the next election. 1841-1914 How This Changed Canada George Ross had given many others who didn't have the chance to learn an opportunity. The increase of educated people improved businesses and factories. The reason for this was because the workers could understand machinery manuals and warnings causing not as many casualties, preventing what could happen. More libraries were built - approximately 300 - overseen by himself. His efforts and objectives to creating a successful Canada had not been wasted; he truly was a great Canadian. Major Accomplishments (cont.) He remained the Liberal leader when he was appointed to the Canadian Senate, until his death. During his lifetime he had also written two books: "Patriotic Recitations and Arbor Day Exer-cises" and "Getting Into Parliament and After". For his feats and public service in Federal and Provincial politics, he was knighted by King George V in 1910.
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