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Convergent Dental Solea

No description

meghean mccardle

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Convergent Dental Solea

Convergent Dental Solea
Meghean McCardle 3rd

Solea is made to make oral surgery easier for dentist and surgeons. Solea uses a laser to cut through any tissue. Solea is controlled by a computer and is a reliable way of preforming surgery. It allows Anesthesia , Blood, suture and pain free surgery. It is able to finish a surgery in few visits.
How it works
It allows a Anesthesia , Blood, suture and pain free surgery. It is able to finish a surgery in few visits.
It allows doctors to do more in one surgery so the patient won't have to come back in to have yet another procedure.
The patient will not have to spend more time that necessary waiting for the surgery to begin because of the painless surgery.
The laser used with the surgery is uses heated water to operate.
It allows you to choose a certain spot to work on without having to operate on the whole tooth.
It has a pedal you use for operation.
The harder the tissue, the harder you press down on the pedal.
The softer the tissues the more you bring your foot up on the pedal.
available/ developed
It was developed in 2014 and took on a few Testing session, but was finally available in December 2015.
I believe that the Solea will be a good and easy way for people who can not be put under anesthesia during an oral surgery. The solea is a good anxiety free way for dentist to preform.
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