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TSWG Digital Banking Roadmap

Glen Wade TSWG CTO

Sciobhan Leahy

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of TSWG Digital Banking Roadmap

Product Roadmap
TSWG Zap App
Take Hold of your Digital Banking Future

Sophisticated User Interface
Customisable by provider
add your own branding
cross-sell your products
Configurable by end user
Banking provided by TSWG
ATM/Branch locator
Financial Calculators
Savings tool
Integrated News feeds
Alerts and messages
PocketSmith PFM
+ many more…

Glen Wade
Key Features
TSWG Mobile Money App
Key Features
Easy PIN access
Transfer between accounts
View balances and transactions
Contact List
Multiple device support
Secure banking
Pay to mobile
Expresso Onboarding
What would you like to see?
Expresso Onboarding
Personal Loans and Credit Cards
Maximise potential value from each new customer without compromising fraud and credit risk.
Attract new customers and increase share of wallet to existing customers.
Reduce staffing time and costs for tedious manual on-boarding processes.
Improve customer experience.
Reduce compliance and risk but also obtain valuable information.
Increase revenue growth and product depth ratio.

NetTeller Dashboards
Research - Jim Marous
Digital experience delivery makes (or breaks) firms - Forrester
Forrester makes the point that
“A great digital experience is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a make-or-break point for your business as we more fully enter the digital age.”

The report points to a growing number of firms that have chosen a mobile-first approach, but then falling flat because “systems of record cannot keep up with engagement needs.”
APIs become digital glue - Forrester

Forrester draws a comparison between service-oriented architecture
(SOA) and application platform interfaces (APIs).

The report sites as examples Amazon’s product advertising API and the
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s API which represent business model innovation
under this paradigm, while also high-lighting the need for ever more sophisticated security given the exposure of data to a much broader set of individuals.

Firms learn from the cloud and mobile - Forrester

Many firms have cloud strategies and mobile strategies, but the report
makes the point that the benefits of the cloud will be limited by the speed with which traditional applications are re-written to take advantage of cloud. Without this redesign, benefits will be limited.

mobile strategies
that have been a part of IT strategies across industries for a couple of years
are now insufficient
given the need to think of mobile as only one part of a broader omni-channel approach,
which requires a new kind of “application architecture that must be capable of supporting systems of engagement.”

Mobile Device Diversity and Management - Gartner

Through 2018, the growing variety of devices, computing styles, user contexts
and interaction paradigms will make "everything everywhere" strategies unachievable.
The unexpected consequence of bring your own device (BYOD) programs is a doubling or even tripling of the size of the mobile workforce.

This is placing tremendous strain on IT and Finance organizations. Enterprise policies on employee-owned hardware usage need to be thoroughly reviewed and, where necessary, updated and extended. Most companies only have policies for employees accessing their networks through devices that the enterprise owns
and manages.

Mobile Apps and Applications – Gartner

Gartner predicts that through 2014, improved
JavaScript performance will begin to push HTML5
and the browser as a mainstream enterprise application development environment.

Apps will continue to grow while applications will begin to shrink. Apps are smaller, and more targeted, while a larger application is more comprehensive.

Introduction to current products
Future Roadmap
Top 5 Technology Trends
Interactive discussion throughout
Back-Office Process
Veins – Proven Biometric Modality
Vasculature – The optimal biometric modality
Bank ATM’s in Japan use palm vein today – long history of commercial deployments and rigorous testing
Clear and positive points: the underlying biometric science, biology, math and optics for EyeVerify Eyeprints
So the task at hand is simply to capture good images
Biometric Performance Lab Results
FAR: False Accept Rate. FRR: False Reject Rate.
Sources: MITRE 2008 Biometrics comparison report
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