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My Life Timeline: From Birth to Retirement

A projection of my life story.

Jefferson Donald II

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of My Life Timeline: From Birth to Retirement

This is me in 2nd Grade!
On December 30th, 2001, in Los Angels, California I was born. I don't really remember much about being born. I have looked through my baby pictures and every time I would look at them I realized I was really cute!
When I Was Born...
This is my little brother in Kindergarten!
My Little Brother
I was going to put a picture of a grim reaper, but those pictures were pretty scary, so I decided to put a scythe.
Have you ever lost something that had great value to you? I have. In 2011, I believe, I lost my Aunt Ciel. When I got the news, my eyes got all teary, and I was holding myself back from crying and I was trying not to say anything, but all I said was, "I never got to return her book."
This is a picture of Sackboy. He represents creativity in the game LittleBIGPlanet. You might be wondering 'what does that have to do with Jefferson?' Well, I was a creative troublemaker.
In Kindergarten I was quite the trouble maker. I was the same in 1st grade as well (to a lower degree)! Anyway, I remember that in Kindergarten, I made up my own digital cursive thing and I got in huge trouble for it. When the teacher confronted me for it I said "I was trying to write cursive". Another time my teacher likes to put stars on our worksheets so one day I made a star template on my worksheet for her to trace!
Kindergarten Days...
My Life Timeline
From Birth to Retirement
"I was very sad to see her go."
In 2nd grade I had one of my favorite teachers... Ms. Craig. She was very nice and made everything easy to do. Writing, math, science. No matter what she taught, she made it easy. It was one of the best years of my life. But when the time came around that we had to graduate to 3rd grade, I found out that she was leaving the school and never coming back to teach at Blackburn Elementary. I was very sad to see her go. I kept myself from crying on the bus.
2nd Grade Tears
When I First Joined IMPACT
In summer school going to 2nd grade, I took an IMPACT test. But I thought that I was just a normal, average test. Then, when 2nd grade started, I was told to get on the bus. I did, and I went to this wonderful school called Sycamore Hills, an elementary school. There I found out all about IMPACT and now it's my favorite class!
This is a picture of my best friend Dylan Boyd.
Interested in going to dream church? Copy the link.
In 2012, I believe I went to this church called DREAM Church (www.dreamchurchonline.com) that I was just going to for the first time. There, I met one of my best friends today, Dylan Boyd. He was a happy, upbeat person who always had something ridiculous to say. He was the opposite of me in some ways.
The Meeting That Changed My Life
My little brother Daniel was a really
cute baby. When he was a baby I
would give him hugs and kisses all the time. But, sadly, as time went on, he turned into a jerk towards me. It's very rare for us to get along!
So basically in Kindergarten
and 1st grade I was like
Junie B. Jones!
IMPACT is the
only class I like in middle school!
Another Thing Lost
Getting My Youtube Channel
In the picture you just saw to the right was my teacher. We are going to review again later.
Getting my youtube channel was soemthing that I'll never forget! It all started when my friend Joe (featured in my youtube videos) had a youtube channel. I knew I had to get one to. I asked my dad and he helped me set it up. Today I have 12 suscribers and my goal is to grow to 50.
This is my profile photo of
my youtube channel.
Want to see my videos?
Go to
Once again, I lost something
important to me. Have you
ever lost something important
to you?
Just a few months ago, my other best friend Nathan Andrade's mom died. He never met his father and he father lives 2 hours away. After my mom broke the news to me, I broke into tears. I started wondering if we would ever see each other again. We did. But he hasn't be coming to Dream Church like he usually does. I wonder if something happened...
Making My Video Game Company
By 2016 I'm planning to make my very own video game company and develop iOS, Android, Xbox360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. But in order to do this, I need help from some friends (would you like to be interested?). I am currently learning to make video games without coding because, quite frankly, I suck at it. I'd probably get an F is C++.
Sorry Nintendo. I would, but
I don't have any of your
game systems. :(
Christianity Rocks!
So one day at church in the youth room where my parents teach, they wanted us to make goals that we wanted to accomplish in a 5 year radius. One of those goals I chose was 'spread christianity around the U.S.' I know christianity is already pretty popular in the U.S, but I have a lot of atheistic friends (not naming them). I don't want them to go to (down there). I love them, and I want good things for them.
Christianity is a very popular religion. Is
heaven a place you want to go to? It should
Make A Manga/ Anime
Some of my favorite
anime and manga.
I've loved manga and anime ever since I first found out about it. So I decided to create my own. I tried to draw and it didn't work out so well. But I still plan to learn how to make manga, and animate it into an anime.
App Dev
The type of phone
that I have.
Even though I stink at coding, I still want to learn to create a helpful mobile app. Google Play and App Store, here I come!
Graduation? Definetly! v12.0
"My goal is to go to a Blue
Springs School District
high school."
I'm really hoping to graduate high school, because I need to get into college to make my life goal come true, become a video game designer! My goal is to go to a Blue Springs School District high school, because their schools are better academically.
Graduate? Defintly! vC.0
I want to go to college
in either Missouri or Kansas
so I can be close to home.
College is on my bucket list! College is a wonderful place where you are challenged (like IMPACT). If I graduate college, then I know that I can accomplish almost any academic challenge!
Become A Game Designer
Possible game companies
I would love to work with!
As said earlier, becoming a game designer is definetly a goal for me! I would love to work with Xbox and PlayStation, the most, but I can't really decide. Once again, Nintendo is out of the equasion. What game company should I work with?
Make The Switch
The amount of arrows
shows the amount of
choices left.
After working for one of the shown game companies on the previous slide for a couple of years, then I'm going to choose a different one if I don't like the current game company I'm working for.
Although doing
something I love would
be fun, I have to stop
at some point.
Even though I'm going to be done with something that I'll love to do, I love to retire and spend some more time with my friends, family, and grandkids (maybe). Who knows? Maybe my game company is going to be a family tradition.
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